Air France launches its “Ready to fly”. A device already being tested on Corsa

A first for Air France. As of today, and like Corsair, the company is setting up its new service: the Ready to fly application. It is testing it on flights to Guadeloupe, Martinique, Guyana, Réunion and Corsica before extending the device if it works …

Ready to fly or authorized to take off. This little mention on the boarding cards of passengers on Air France flights should make life in airports much easier …
A few days before their departure, passengers are invited to send regulatory documents, particularly health documents, by email. They are then checked and, when they are compliant, a message is sent to the customer.
Equipped with this cesame, all procedures are simplified on the day of departure, whether it has the digital version via the Air France application on mobile phones or the printed version of the boarding pass.

A device also tested by Corsair since the beginning of the week. The principle is the same: the sending of health documents a few days before departure and there, the return of a QR Code, the equivalent of the “ready all fly” of Air France that the passenger only has to present during checks at the airport.

After a few days of use, Corsair has already delivered its first conclusions: “everyone is a winner”, says the company, both customers who are reassured and do not waste time, and airport staff whose work is facilitated with the key, more efficiency and less risk of flight delays.

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