Ahly shock| 3 of the team’s pillars are asking to leave.. who are they?

While collecting Alahli football club diaspora in order to form a strong team that will regain competition for the local and African championships next season, the team is currently disturbing the demands of some players to leave, and some of them have already decided.

There is no doubt that Alahli football club He is waiting for the end of the season to get rid of some players, whether by selling or loaning them, but players from the main strength of the team have thoughts of leaving and are looking for foreign offers.

Al-Khatib: We will come back with full force

The club’s president, Captain Mahmoud Al-Khatib, said that the coming period will witness the return of the team again with full force and competition for all the tournaments in which the Red Genie participates, whether the Egyptian League, the African Champions League, the Egyptian Super, the African Super, the Egypt Cup and other tournaments.

Mahmoud Al-Khatib, Chairman of Al-Ahly Club, sent messages of reassurance to the fans of the Red Castle regarding the future of the first football team during the coming period, after the not so good period in which it is currently living, and the team’s chances of winning the Premier League title have diminished.

3 players about to leave

Mohamed Hani.. Changing the threshold

It seems that the team’s right-back, Mohamed Hani, is not at his best level with Portuguese coach Ricardo Soares, after a whole season in which Mohamed Hani played with the team.

Hani suffers from a poor level during the recent period, which may precipitate his departure with the return of Akram Tawfiq from injury, who occupies this front, and the player is also looking for a new threshold through which to restore his brilliance.

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Mohamed Hany

The media, Mohamed Farouk, the former Al-Ahly club star, revealed the desire of Mohamed Hani, the right backer of the Red Genie, to search for an external professional offer in preparation for leaving the Red Castle in the upcoming summer transfers.

Farouk said during his “Primo” program on the “TeN” channel that Muhammad Hani assigned his agent, in agreement with the Al-Ahly club management, to search for an official offer in the Gulf, whether in the Qatari, Saudi or Emirati league, in preparation for his presentation to the administration and leaving in the summer Mercato due to the fans’ attack on him due to a decline His technical level, in addition to his desire to search for a new team away from Al-Ahly, even if on loan for a season.

Amr Al-Sulayya..and securing his future

The shocking surprise of the Al-Ahly fans, the veteran midfielder Amr Al-Sulayya is close to leaving the team, as Al-Ahly is studying according to the player’s request for Gulf professional offers.

The journalist Omar Rabie Yassin, Yassin, said during the Derby program, on Radio Greater Cairo 102.2 FM, that Amr Al-Sulayya has offers from the Gulf periodicals to obtain his services on the loan system.

Amr Al-Sulayya

Omar Rabie Yassin continued: “Al-Sulayya, when renewing his contract, received a promise from the red administration, that he could go out on loan to any of the Gulf clubs in order to secure his future.”

Amr Al-Sulayya is considered one of the main pillars of the team, on whom Al-Ahly depends greatly, in the absence of an alternative to him.

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Badr Bannon.. to Qatar

Badr Banoon, the Al-Ahly club player, nicknamed the Sultan, has officially left Qatar, after Al-Ahly club approved his request to leave.

Badr Banoon

Bannon revealed the reasons for his departure, as he said in televised statements that he had informed Tawfiq and Sayed Abdel Hafeez after he was infected with Corona, that he had not yet been able to provide what any foreign player offers, and it is in the interest of Al-Ahly club to bring in another foreigner, and to open the door to negotiations with Qatar, and matters It went well, and you get the point.

He added: “Any word I say against Al-Ahly fans will not suffice, from the first day they support me, and thank God I was up to the responsibility, and from the time Al-Ahly’s offer arrived to me, I knew that I would join and win championships, and my dream since childhood was to win the African title with Please, no share happened.

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