Agustina Cruz’s mother will report to the police for abandonment of a person | Today they accuse the femicide and there will be marches in different cities

When the commotion in the small town of Coronel Moldes is still on the surface, Yanina Cruz, the mother of the murdered young Agustina Cruz, informed that today he will go to the Judicial City because the imputation hearing against the accused of femicide of his daughter, Juan Gallardo, which will be from 9 o’clock.

The mother said that she will also request a meeting with the prosecutor of the Intervening Femicide Unit Mónica Poma and He also announced that he will report to the police for abandonment of person. She clarified that they only carried out periodic rounds for 8 days, and they did not even comply with a fixed or personalized police order, as it corresponded to the death threats that the young woman had suffered and that had been settled before the Justice.

In addition, today there are calls for marches in the central square of Coronel Moldes, in the July 9 square in Salta Capital, in front of the municipality of Cafayate, and also in La Merced and Cerrillos at 5:00 p.m.

Agustina was 17 years old, and she was murdered by her 18-year-old ex-boyfriend on Friday around 8 a.m. on the way to the secondary school she attended and where she was in her third year in Coronel Moldes. East Sunday the second march was held in the town, after reciting the rosary, in which a life sentence was requested for the murderer and also a replacement in the police leadership due to the lack of protection for the adolescent.

“I am going to make another complaint for abandonment of a person against the police because they directly abandoned my daughter. She was threatened with death, I made an extension of the complaint on September 31 asking for the panic button, I put that I was afraid for the life of my daughter and that he is not allowed to enter Colonel Moldes, but I did not get an answer (yet) until today, “he said. Yanina Cruz to Jump / 12.

The first complaint from the victim’s mother was filed on September 21 at the sub-police station by Coronel Moldes. He affirmed that there he exposed the death threats that the teenager received and showed the messages he had on his cell phone. “The police who took my complaint told me to save them to the messages in case something else happened,” he said.

The case happened at that time to Family and Gender Violence Court No. 3 headed by the judge María Carolina Cáceres Moreno, and the events were classified as violence “of a psychological nature and under the domestic modality”, a qualification that does not fit with what the victim’s mother relates, regarding that the adolescent had been physically attacked and was harassed and threatened by Gallardo. “I made the complaint but nothing happened. It was not psychological violence, it was physical violence,” said the mother before the query made by Salta / 12.

Yanina Cruz said that her daughter had cut off her relationship with Gallardo in September, she was linked with him for 4 months. He said that first the adolescent did not tell him that he was raping her. Then he related the facts of gender violence. “He almost killed her (before), he grabbed her by the neck, he had her hanging, she fell because there was mud, she was weak,” said the mother about a previous episode to which Agustina referred. The mother said that later she went to file the complaint. When the teenager broke up with Gallardo, “she started with threats, she sent her messages. My daughter told me that she hit her before, took her away from her friends, handled her cell phone, controlled her in everything,” she said.

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Despite being denounced, Agustina’s mother said that Gallardo continued to bother her daughter and also her schoolmates.

“There were only 8 days of police dispatch assigned (to Agustina) from the Family and Gender Violence Court. The policemen went three times a day, asked if there was news, and they left. They told me it was due to lack of staff. They never went to comply with the fixed police order, “said the mother. The mother said she spoke with the commissioner on Sunday. Oscar Aramayo from Coronel Moldes, who explained that in the town they comply with 30 or 35 slogans for gender violence and they cannot cope.

Now they are asking for a change to the police leadership. “They are not providing us with any kind of security, they did not take action on the matter, I do not know if they trusted that (Gallardo) was not going to do anything (…) they left my daughter adrift,” said the mother .

“I’m going to ask for a life sentence for Gallardo. Let him rot and never get out of jail”, is the mother’s claim to the judicial authorities for the murderer of her daughter.

This Monday, Yanina Cruz indicated that she will travel to Capital with her sister and said that the lawyer will represent her Rodrigo escobar in the cause. He said that he will ask to speak to the prosecutor to explain the case.

He also said that people helped him financially so that he can move before the procedures that he must do in the judicial case. The mother said that she is not receiving psychological support or financial aid from municipal or provincial institutions.

He also denied that it is contained by the women’s area of ​​the municipality. She specified that a psychologist at the hospital called her “a little while” on Friday but had no further assistance. Agustina was 4 siblings more boys, between 14 and 4 years old, and they were affected Faced with the femicide of his sister, they have not approached from the institutions to contain them.

The mother also indicated that she had previously gone to ask for help in a talk they gave from the Polo (provincial) of Women and the municipal area of ​​women. There, a worker from the Polo told her, according to the mother, that her daughter could be a victim of femicide and explained that she should go and file a complaint.

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He argued that the official in the women’s area asked him for photos of the complaint and told him that he was going to see the school because they should provide restraint to the daughter, but he did not know if he did. He also said that he asked about psychological assistance since Agustina wanted to receive it, but they sent her to take an appointment at the hospital.

The mother pointed out that Agustina had begun to write in a notebook that she carried in her backpack what was happening with Gallardo, as a task that the psychologist at the hospital with whom she began treatment had requested. That notebook was seized by the Fiscal Investigation Corps, he said.

“I want them to put people who know how to help, because I know that Agustina was not the only one, there are a lot of women who suffer gender violence. I was advised by a friend, who took a course on gender violence, which was not part of of what is the sector of the State that should have contained us, “he said.

The mother said that the mayor Oscar Carrasco and the secretary of government went to to talk with her, but Agustina’s grandmother, “he had a nervous breakdown and blamed him”, since then they withdrew and did not return. Although they told them that the municipality would be there for whatever they needed.

“In secondary school (Puerta de Díaz) they were aware of what happened with my daughter. I spoke with the director, she told me that they couldn’t do much, that I had to take care of it,” said the mother. He also clarified that his daughter was murdered one block from the educational institution. After the femicide, the mother said that the companions “they wanted to go out to march in uniform but they were told that it would discredit the name of the school. “

The mother said that they always accompanied Agustina to school, that day her grandmother had left “five minutes earlier”, “she was waiting for her partner who was absent that day and left alone.”

“Neighbors told me that they were there that they tried to help her but a 15-year-old boy told me that no one did anything, that they stood still. Two 15-year-old boys were the ones who stoned him (Gallardo). The women did not shout. Nothing. The little boy who was most traumatized, he told me that he does not sleep, he saw everything, “said the mother.

“Then a man told me I saw her, he (Gallardo) had her hugged, he pulled her, I left her because I thought it was a couple’s problem, he said he did not get in because he also has his daughters and his family,” continued the mother.

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Cruz recalled that when she arrived at the crime scene on Friday, “there were no police, my daughter was on the ground, there was only one nurse who put a gauze on her neck, she no longer responded, she was no longer alive. I arrived because a friend called me and said, ‘Come on, a boy grabbed your daughter.’ Agustina yelled, call her to my mother. “

To the government authorities, the mother asks them to “act as they have to act, to protect the victims, not the murderers, to those people who hurt, not to abandon them as they did to my daughter.”

The former mayor, current elected councilor of Coronel Moldes, and social worker Rita Carreras, was in the march on Sunday, she told Salta / 12 that Agustina attended dance classes for caporales at the Maros Foundation, which she presides over. “We didn’t do enough. We trusted each other to do. We all abandoned her to Agustina. I should have taken action“, it manifested.

“Agustina was always very happy, she talked about wanting to have things that make her happy (…) She never made complaints, for her it was all joy, minimizing bad things and it was like everything in her head had to be positive. Except in this situation where she was scared, “Carreras said.

The elected councilor indicated that In Coronel Moldes the index of family violence is high, he said that out of every 20 families, in 8 or 9 there are high indicators of gender violence, and also family violence. Carreras argued that the police go around in taking complaints against victims of gender violence, that when they go they call them to come later and pointed out that the slogans they carry out are not fixed, but periodic, “they go to the Tomorrow, in the afternoon, they ask you if you’re okay, if nothing happened and they leave, at night they come back and do the same “.

“The State is not acting correctly, it does not have the capacity or the knowledge or gender violence is not on its political agenda,” he said. “We have two commissioners, people want the police to change, that both legislators and the mayor worry about security, that the cameras work because they were put in at the end of 2019 and they don’t work.”

“The aggressor is the one who has to be guarded, the police do not have to lose sight of him (…) the boy bought knives, gloves and the girl was not the owner of leaving her house, she lost her life for wanting to continue studying, “Carreras said. He indicated that in Coronel Moldes, in addition to the lack of police personnel, there are no anti-panic buttons or electronic bracelets for monitoring the perimeter.




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