It is often called the “party tram”, the M10 tram line, which runs from Warschauer Strasse underground station via Prenzlauer Berg to the main train station. Construction tram would be the more appropriate expression. Since Monday and until October 10th, buses instead of trains run between the intersection Landsberger Allee / Petersburger Straße and the underground station Warschauer Straße.

Again. Because last year the same section was out of service for two months from October to December. The tracks in Warschauer Strasse were renewed, and the route of Line 21 in Boxhagener Strasse was almost rebuilt, now with barrier-free stops. This line had even been closed since July – for five months. And of course the 21 is also interrupted this time – there are buses between Bersarinplatz and the Rummelsburg S-Bahn station.

In the first half of the year, the M10 was interrupted for two months at the Landsberger Allee intersection. The current block is about the intersection at Frankfurter Tor. For years, the trains have been sneaking towards Warschauer Straße at a maximum speed of ten kilometers per hour via the main road.

Construction site was not approved

Something had to be done here urgently for a long time. Actually, that should have happened at the same time as the construction work last year. “The construction project was already coordinated with the Berlin traffic control system in the previous year, but was then not ordered due to parallel construction measures by the BVG and the S-Bahn,” a spokesman for the Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe announced on nd request. For a month, from November to December, the north-east of Berlin was a S-Bahn-free zone, between Ostbahnhof, Lichtenberg and beyond, S5, S7 and S75 did not drive to put new signaling and signal box technology into operation. In order to relieve the U5, a replacement bus line from the S-Bahn and U-Bahn station Frankfurter Allee to the Ostbahnhof was set up, which, however, was hardly used. Because the replacement traffic also went through the Frankfurter Tor, the tram construction work was not approved.

“In the city there must finally be an awareness that construction work on the rail must be carried out quickly,” Jens Wieseke, deputy chairman of the Berlin passenger association Igeb, demands on nd request. “The coordination of construction work for rail-bound modes of transport and beyond must be improved,” said the passenger representative.

Not only the local passengers, but also the drivers have to carry their parcel. Since October 2, 2019, a lane has also been closed on the Frankfurter Allee in the intersection area. This was ordered by the Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg Road and Green Area Office because of its “duty to ensure traffic safety”, as the office replied to a request from the CDU parliamentary group in the Berlin House of Representatives. In the area, the tram tracks and thus the carriageway are buried. The resulting height difference is over ten centimeters in size and represents an acute danger point, «it continues. There you can also learn that the work has been prepared since March 2019.

This week it is also difficult for S-Bahn users. There are no trains between Ostbahnhof and Alexanderplatz until Sunday night. There is replacement bus traffic. Turnouts are being renewed both on the west side of the Ostbahnhof and on the east side of the Alexanderplatz station.