After wave of hate: Kiewel threatens the TV garden – Tv

How much longer will Andrea Kiewel go along with this? The moderator currently has to take a lot of criticism. She could be throwing in the towel soon.

Again and again the network makes fun of the 55-year-old. Sometimes it hails violent insults for the sometimes idiosyncratic moderation. So far, “Kiwi” has been able to cope with this quite well. But now her colleagues are also turning against her.

It is nothing new that viewers consider the face of the ZDF television garden to be “too excited”. In her biography “Mostly Sunny”, however, Kiewel also writes about colleagues who told her that she was “too volatile and hyperactive”. In addition, she asked “the wrong questions” and would be “unfocused”.

“Kiwi can cede”

How long the moderator will continue to do this is questionable. After all, she has hosted the show for over 20 years. In 2007, the ZDF briefly pulled the ripcord, but brought Kiewel back to the TV garden after only two years. Now she could throw in the towel herself. Because meanwhile no show goes by in which she is not criticized for every little thing – and that really gets down to business.

Already in the first broadcast, viewers drew on the presenter. And how! “She is back, the woman who always says everything three times,” said an annoyed user on the net. And that although the television garden is already celebrating its 35th birthday. But instead of cheering, the fans suggest: “For the anniversary, ‘Kiwi’ can also resign.” Ouch!

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