“After twenty years we are still here, stronger than before”

Twenty years have passed since the first Italian performance – underlines Cocciante – but the strength, majesty and grandeur of this popular work are those of the first day. Notre Dame de Paris speaks of the human soul, which is eternal and suffers, yesterday as today, for love and injustice. It tells of the inability to accept the other, the different from us“.

HE CAST – For the occasion, only for 2022, the entire original cast of the debut is back. Alongside Lola Ponce, Esmeralda, there will be Giò Di Tonno, Quasimodo; Vittorio Matteucci, Frollo; Leonardo Di Minno, Clopin; Matteo Setti, Gringoire; Graziano Galatone, Febo; Tania Tuccinardi, Cornflower. Special guests on some dates will be Claudia D’Ottavi e Marco Guerzoni in the guise of Fiordaliso and Clopin, of which they were the first interpreters.

A way to restart “stronger”, as Cocciante repeated: “We all have to start living again, let’s go to the stage and let’s try to be stronger than before. We have suffered a lot, now rebirth is important. Of course, everything is more difficult, you have to be careful not to be infected, be careful, swab. But many times from these calamities new ideas can arise, extraordinary things … it is a challenge for all of us “.

Nothing has been changed, but every time you take the stage each artist presents a little new thing: “His life comes out in these few moments. I always insist with the singers to sing with the power and difficulty of the first day, as if they were to die tomorrow. . Every night it has to be like this. “

THE TOUR – The tour is entirely curated and distributed by Vivo Concerti and will start on 3 March 2022 from Milan until 27 with the addition of new dates, and then move to Ancona, Jesolo, Florence, Rome, Reggio Calabria, Lugano, Lanciano, Ferrara, San Pancrazio Salentino, Pula, Palermo (moved from June to August), Torre del Lago, Naples, Bari, Catania, Eboli, Casalecchio di Reno, Turin and will end in December 2022 in Trieste.



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