After the SPD decision: So it goes on with Gerhard Schröder Regional

Hannover – After the arbitration commission’s decision in favor of Gerhard Schröder (78) and his SPD membership, the topic was also hotly debated on Tuesday.

Many critics still can’t believe that Gas-Gerd, despite his close ties to Kremlin tyrant Vladimir Putin and posts in Russian companies, can still be a member of the SPD in the future.

Especially not the members of the 17 local and district associations who had applied for Schröder’s exclusion from the party. They met together on Tuesday evening and discussed whether to appeal the decision of the arbitration court in the sub-district of Hanover within two weeks and go to the next higher instance. “It’s hard to say whether we’ll do it,” says Tim Tugendhat, deputy chairman of the SPD Heidelberg.

Should a decision be reached, the Hanover district arbitration commission would have to deal with the Schröder case. Comrades Stephan Kassel, Angelika Tumuschat-Bruhn and Rolf Kramer belong to it.

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