The public prosecutor’s office in Zwickau, Saxony, has to investigate election posters of a right-wing extremist splinter party calling for “Hang the Greens!”. The authority had initially rejected the investigation due to a lack of initial suspicion, but was instructed to do so by the Dresden Public Prosecutor’s Office on Thursday. It is an initial suspicion of public incitement to criminal offenses and sedition.

The Greens had filed a complaint because of the slogan. The party also announced that it would also take action against the posters in other regions of Saxony. The instruction of the public prosecutor’s office currently relates exclusively to the case in Zwickau, as a spokesman for the authority emphasized.

Saxony’s Justice Minister Katja Meier (Greens) spoke of a “hate call”, which should not be a means of the election campaign. The posters were evidence of cynical misanthropy.

With the call to murder the Greens, the right-wing extremist party “The III. Weg “is currently to attract voters in Saxony and Bavaria. The Greens see the motif as a public call for crimes. “The III. Weg ”will be competing for the first time with a state list in the two states for the federal election on September 26th.

The party was founded in 2013 with the significant participation of former NPD functionaries and right-wing extremist activists from banned neo-Nazi comradeships. In its program, it pursued a so-called “German socialism” based on historical National Socialism.

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According to Tagesspiegel information, the posters with the specific slogan “Hang the Greens!” And the call “Choose German!” Appeared for the first time during the course of Sunday in the greater Zwickau area.

A spokeswoman for the Zwickau police spoke of a few posters in the cities of Zwickau, Plauen, Auerbach and Werdau. One of the calls for killing hangs directly in front of the Zwickau constituency office of the Democrats on a lantern – specifically via election advertising by the Greens. The party then filed its first complaint.

The city of Zwickau reacted on Wednesday and is now having the posters removed. The city administration announced that the party should take it off within three days. If that doesn’t happen, the city will remove the posters itself.

The reason given was that the slogan was a violation of public order and human dignity. Sebastian Lasch, head of the regulatory affairs department, explained: “Anyone who hangs up such works should take them off again themselves. If necessary, however, we will have the posters removed! “

The local Bundestag candidate for the Greens, Wolfang Wetzel, called the posters “an attack on democracy and decency”. Its only purpose is to intimidate committed democrats who are committed to a cosmopolitan Zwickau, said Wetzel.

In northern Saxony, too, right-wing extremist activists of the party, according to their own statements, have attached the same poster motif to light poles in various villages in the Muldental region as far as Bad Düben.

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