After the Oliveira affair, the UFC will strengthen security at weigh-ins

MMA – The fiasco at the weigh-ins before UFC 274 didn’t sit well with Dana White. To avoid controversy in the future, a security protocol will be put in place.

UFC 274 should have been Charles Oliveira’s crowning glory, his entry into the lighweight division pantheon. By beating Justin Gaethje by submission in the first round, the Brazilian has indeed confirmed that he was the boss at -70kg. His CV is starting to impress: “Do Bronx” has thus offered Gaethje, Poirier, Chandler and Ferguson in his last four games. He remains on a series of eleven consecutive victories. But Oliveira is no longer lightweight champion: having missed the weight by 300 grams, he was stripped of his title and is only contender n°1. An unprecedented situation, which really did not please Dana White.

Indeed, this missed weigh-in was accompanied by a controversy concerning the scales used by the UFC. Several athletes pointed out a difference between the weight displayed during their official weigh-in, carried out with the scale of the Athletic Commission of Nevada, and that carried out the day before, with the scale provided by the UFC. Dana White has a theory regarding this difference. “We have this problem when athletes come to check their weight the day before and Europeans or those who come from other parts of the world use the kilos. They f**k the scales up, try to check the weight in kilos. Who knows “, declared the president of the UFC in press conference. White made no secret of it: the whole thing was “a real nightmare” for him and the UFC. The protocol will therefore be better monitored in the future.


The balance will be monitored

“There are so many moving parts in this beast of a machine that we use every week. We need to post a guard near the scales in the future. It’s something we’re going to have to do.”, assured Dana White. The idea will therefore be to check that the scale remains calibrated at best between the weighings of the day before and of the same day. But despite this controversy, there is no question for Dana White to bend the rules. “Charles Oliveira did not make the weight. I’m sure in the eyes of the fans and the media, he’s still the champion. But there are rules. He’s technically the No. 1 contender.”. Dana White, however, reassured: Charles Oliveira is “100%” guaranteed to compete for the vacant title.



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