After the dismissal of the rbb director: Schlesinger is dismissed without notice

Status: 22/08/2022 19:22

Of the rbb-The Board of Directors has dismissed rbb– Director Schlesinger dismissed without notice. She will receive no severance pay or retirement benefits. In addition, the committee expressed itself in favor of her being replaced by an interim director.

The Board of Directors of Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg (rbb) after the termination of the contract with the revoked artistic director Patricia Schlesinger, he gave notice of termination without notice. This was announced by the sitting chairman of the board ARD-Senders, Dorette King, after a board meeting with.

Schlesinger will also receive no severance pay or pension payments. The decision was taken by a majority, König continued. The trust between Schlesinger and the broadcaster was badly destroyed.

The rbb’s search for suitable interim directors

Griet von Petersdorff, rbb, daily topics 23:00, 22 August 2022

Schlesinger sees himself as a “scapegoat”

Schlesinger had her lawyer announce the extraordinary termination: “I regret this decision, which is obviously politically motivated to have a scapegoat. This procedure is in no way supported by the facts.” It also said: “The investigations are far from over. I look forward to their results with confidence.”

Board of Directors for Interim Director

The Board also expressed itself in favor of the appointment of an interim director. He is currently leading rbbAccording to administrative director Hagen Brandstätter, who is currently on sick leave, the company, which is also criticized for its handling of the crisis surrounding allegations of nepotism against Schlesinger.

One is convinced that the structural analysis and repositioning can only credibly succeed with external support, König continued. They want to develop a timetable for this in the next few days and have the current one rbb-Management at the same time asked to continue to carry out their tasks to ensure stability.

Resigned due to numerous allegations

A week ago, Schlesinger was recalled by the Broadcasting Council – the second governing body. Since the end of June, the 61-year-old has faced numerous allegations of wrongdoing and nepotism. She has been since the beginning of the year ARD-Chairman and since 2016 rbb– Prospective. She resigned from both positions.

At the center of the scandal is the revoked director and the resigned rbb-Head of the Board Wolf-Dieter Wolf. Both rejected the allegations. Among other things, it concerns controversial consultancy contracts for a rbb-Construction project to coordinate between the two on salary and bonuses for Schlesinger. And about works for the husband and former “Spiegel” journalist Gerhard Spörl at the Berlin Exhibition Center – where Wolf was also chief supervisor until recently.

The general prosecutor’s office in Berlin is investigating all three for breach of trust and acceptance of benefits. This is the presumption of innocence. An external investigation into a law firm is also underway. There are no results available yet.



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