After the controversy over the elimination of the bulletins, they suspended the Resolution

This Friday the document signed by the highest education authorities was made known in which they express the suspension of Resolution 2839 sanctioned on May 6, which formally and definitively replaced the bulletin with numerical qualification by a document called “appreciation of the trajectory “. This decision exclusively affected the primary schools of Río Negro.

The document was released in a surprising way this Friday afternoon, after the head of the educational portfolio publicly defended the implemented modification in the morning.

“We are reformulating the bulletin that we had and we are putting what had been there, that is, the conceptual notes such as the OS, MSA, SA and PSA, and we added more information. Indicators that have to do with the participation of the boys in class were added, we explained what is taught and what the learning indicators are. We are providing more tools for families to understand why children have a certain grade“, explained the Minister of Education Mercedes Jara Tracchia in dialogue with LM Cipolletti.

He also assured that it is a change to improve the instrument that already existed, and said that with this modification only information was added, and nothing was eliminated.


However, hours later, it was learned that the Minister of Education, together with the president of the Provincial Council of Education, Angélicas Portales, and the teaching member of the CPE, Marcelo Nervi, signed the suspension of the regulations.

“The Provincial Council of Education resolves to suspend Resolution 2839/22 in all its terms,” ​​said article 1 of the document.

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Among the arguments put forward, they indicated that it is necessary to establish a time for the reception of contributions and their subsequent implementation, of the pedagogical device.

That is to say, the new instrument called appreciation of the trajectory that provided more information to students and their families, is momentarily without effect and the report card of primary education with bimonthly evaluative cuts is once again in force.

In statements to the media, Jara Tracchia said that the unions will be given the space to make their contributions as requested by Unter.



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