After scandal: Band Lauwarm is allowed to perform after all

After a scandal at Brasserie Lorraine

Reggae band Lauwarm is allowed to perform after all

Reggae band Lauwarm recently had to abandon their performance at Brasserie Lorraine. The reason: you would have operated “cultural appropriation”. Now, however, she still comes to her performance.

The cancellation of the concert by the reggae band Lauwarm on July 18 in the Brasserie Lorraine in Bern caused heated discussions. Some no longer understand the world and sharply criticize the pub, while others, a few, find the measure justified.

Five white men with dreadlocks and in African clothes alienated some of the guests. They saw it as “cultural appropriation” and complained. The Brasserie Lorraine gave in and decided to take the tough measure: the concert was canceled.



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