After Saudi Arabia… a new country announces the resumption of diplomatic relations with Iran | Abbreviations | alalalam

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Maldives said, in a statement on Monday, March 13, that the government has decided to resume diplomatic relations with Iran, according to what was revealed by the “Novosti” agency.

In its statement, the ministry indicated that the Maldivian government welcomes the joint tripartite declaration by Saudi Arabia, Iran and China of reaching an agreement between Saudi Arabia and Iran to resume diplomatic relations.

“In light of these positive and encouraging developments, the Maldives government has decided to resume diplomatic relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran,” the ministry added.

It is known that the Maldives severed political relations with Iran on May 17, 2016 during the reign of former President Abdullah Yameen Abdul Gayoom.

AndEarlier, Iran and Saudi Arabia announced, in a joint statement, the agreement to resume dialogue and diplomatic relations on a Chinese initiative and to reopen the embassies in the two countries, within two months.

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