After missing its 2022 delivery targets, Tesla cuts prices

In search of volumes, Tesla is selling off its cars. Significant price reductions have been applied in China, the United States and Europe. Enough to put pressure on the competitors of the electric champion.

Did Tesla just declare a price war? Friday, January 13, the American manufacturer applied significant discounts in Europe and the United States on its electric vehicles. A few days earlier, the company also reduced its prices in China. In these different regions, the commercial gesture reaches up to 15 or 20% reduction.

In France, the entry-level version of the Model 3 is now available for 44,990 euros (not including the ecological bonus). That is a price reduction of 8,500 euros and almost 16%. Note, however, that these reductions come after a year marked by inflation. To offset the impact of shortages, automakers did not hesitate to raise prices in 2022, including at Tesla.

Strong growth in production […]

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