After Mai Ezz El-Din’s face was disfigured..a great sadness descends on the Egyptians and all her won’t believe what happened to her today and destroyed all her beauty!!

Despite her advanced age, now 42 years old, Mai Ezz El-Din is considered one of the icons of Egyptian beauty.

Recently, the public was shocked after a photo of her appeared without makeup and showed a significant distortion in her features.

Wrinkles were evident on the features of the star, Mai Ezz El-Din, who recently celebrated her forty-second birthday.

And the audience noticed, according to their comments on the photo, that Mai Ezz El-Din’s face had become noticeably older, and was no longer as fresh and lively as the followers used to.

The star Mai Ezz El-Din entered the Ramadan race in the series “Ghamm Island” and embodied a new and completely different role in it, as she appears in the character of a girl named “Sundus”, who belongs to a gypsy family, and goes through many situations and struggles to obtain her love.

Mai is also considered one of the spinsters of the artistic community, as she has never been married to this day.

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