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Pyramids Club officially contracted during the past hours with Ihab Galal to take over the technical leadership of the heavenly team in the new season, to succeed Greek coach Takis Junias.

The announcement of the management of the Pyramids team to contract with Ihab Jalal to take over the technical leadership of the heavenly team, to make there a state of great anticipation within the Al-Ahly club, for several reasons as follows:

Fierce confrontation soon

There will be a possible strong confrontation between Al-Ahly Club and the Pyramids team in the Egypt Cup competition, if the Red Castle manages to overcome the Enppi obstacle, and also if the Celestial team manages to beat Smouha.

Al-Ahly club’s confrontations with the Pyramids team always witness more fun and excitement, and the results of these confrontations are beyond expectations.

Al-Ahly club had tied with Pyramids in the first round without goals, and in the second round match, the two teams tied 2/2.

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Zamalek’s strike

There is also some anticipation within the Al-Ahly club, for the fate of the negotiations between Zamalek and the management of the Pyramids team in the file of Abdullah Al-Saeed, who had expressed his desire to wear the white shirt during the new season.

The Pyramids management contract with Ihab Jalal may cause Abdullah Al-Saeed to remain in the team, especially in light of the new coach’s adherence to Al-Saeed’s continuation with the team in the new season.

Abdullah Al-Saeed had been subjected to strong pressures in the ranks of Pyramids, due to the great technical and administrative problems that struck the heavenly club in the last period and caused the results to deteriorate despite the large number of stars in the team, but the matter may differ with the presence of Jalal at the head of the technical leadership.

Is there cooperation?

Al-Ahly club is also awaiting the possibility of cooperation between Al-Ahly and Pyramids in the file of deals and contracts, after the stage of negotiations and cooperation with the heavenly team reached a dead end.

The Pyramids administration refused to sell Ibrahim Adel or Mahdi Suleiman to Al-Ahly Club, which prompted the Red Castle to respond by refusing to transfer Nasser Maher to the heavenly team, as well as immunizing Junior Ajay not to sign for Pyramids in the event of his departure.

Possible development for the third place holder

It is certain that there will also be anticipation inside the Red Castle, for the possibility of a development for the Pyramids team in the coming period, especially since Ihab Jalal has great experience in the Premier League competition, and is good at creating stars and talents, and also has a strong canvas of players that may push the heavenly team to compete for the league title. .

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