After its discovery in India, what is the tomato flu? And what are its symptoms?

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Indian media announced that 26 cases of tomato influenza had been discovered, which is spreading in some states of India, especially the eastern state of Odisha, which aroused the health authorities’ interest.

Indian newspapers added that the tomato influenza virus infects children and is rare among adults. It appeared at the beginning of this month in some southern states in India, including Kerala.

According to the “indianexpress”, “dnaindia” and “healthlibrary” sites, we will learn the truth about the relationship between tomato flu and the Corona virus.

Is there a relationship between tomato flu and corona virus?
Although some symptoms of tomato flu are similar to those of the coronavirus, but there is no relationship between them, these symptoms generally appear when infected with viral infections, so there is no need to panic as health authorities in India have been asked to stay alert for fear of its spread.

What is tomato flu?
Tomato flu is a viral disease that causes tomato-like blisters on the skin, and it largely affects children under the age of five who suffer from undiagnosed fever, and causes skin irritation and dehydration in children, and in general, the form of blisters is red in color and when they become large It is very similar to tomatoes and is therefore called tomato fever or tomato flu.

What are the symptoms of tomato flu?
There are many symptoms of tomato flu, which must be recognized to investigate infection, and the initial symptoms of the disease include:

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Large, tomato-sized blisters appear red.
– rash.

Skin irritation.
A high temperature.

Dryness of the body.
– body aches.

Joint swelling.
– nausea.

– Vomit.
– Colic.

– Cough.
– sneezing.
– Runny nose.

Is tomato flu contagious?
Already as contagious as other cases of influenza, infected children should be kept in isolation because this influenza can spread quickly from one person to another.

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