After her miscarriage, Amandine Pellissard (Large families, life in XXL) evokes her “great need to meet again” with Alex

Amandine Pellissard, well known by fans of Large families: life in XXL on TF1, sent a message of love to his companion Alex, after his miscarriage.

July 12, it is with great sadness thatAmandine Pellissard announced that she miscarried while pregnant with her ninth child. The mother of the tribe who takes part in the TF1 program, Large families: life in XXL, and who is also the victim of a CAF agent, as Camille Santoro gave his news in Instagram story: “Good evening, I will give you a little story to give you some news. Tonight it’s okay. Physically it’s okay. Morally, things are going as well as we can in this kind of situation. The children do a lot, the family does a lot, so it’s true that when you go through this kind of ordeal, it’s important to be surrounded and not to be alone to rehash. It is true that children are magical enough for that and allow us to think of something else as soon as they are in the room.“.

Amandine Pellissard victim of hate messages

Amandine Pellissard can count on her community, largely full of benevolence, but for all that, she claimed to have received a number of hate messages. “At some point it’s good. Go to your forums, your haters’ nests where you are in your element and at least respect people’s pain. Not that it touches me, but I find it very shameful and out of place. Some people have no doubts and there are still times when you have to know how to close your hat, or at least go open it somewhere else. ” On July 13, Leo’s mother, who is her pride, gave her news and stressed that she was not alone to live or to have lived this tragedy. “We realize that we are not alone, far from it, we even realize thatwe are very, very many to experience this situation, more than you think“, estimated the companion of Alexander.

Amandine Pellissard talks about her “great need to be together” with Alex

I notice in your messages that it is very taboo, that we keep things to ourselves, and we must not, we must really talk, talk, talk, about what you have on your heart, talk about what you are going through , talk about what you are going through. A miscarriage is not trivial, should not be trivialized, there must be words to ask about this suffering “, she added. Today, Amandine Pellissard has chosen “to move forward in this direction, life takes back its rights and then we move forward, we move forward, we cry if we have to cry, and we move forward. (…) I kick myself in the buttocks and I come out of my distress to move forward (…) We will try to remain confident for the future, hoping that life will give us this gift because you know me I’m not the type to give up and we know we’ll get there “. This July 16, Amandine wanted to highlight her “great need to meet again“with her companion, Alexandre, after her miscarriage. In the caption of a beautiful photo of the couple, which underlines their pretty new hairstyle, the young woman gave him a tender declaration of love:”Our unfiltered bond is our strength💪 We know each other so well by heart ❤ We know when each other needs the other and vice versa. Today we both need each other … move forward together …… 💘 “.

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