After devastation in Florida: Hurricane “Ian” approaches South Carolina

Status: 30/09/2022 13:25

First Cuba and Florida, now soon South Carolina and other states on the east coast of the USA: Hurricane “Ian” regains strength on its way north. It is still unclear how many deaths there have been so far.

Hurricane “Ian” has now set course for the next American coast after the severe destruction in the American state of Florida. US President Joe Biden declared a state of emergency for the state before he expected to make landfall in South Carolina. Federal authorities have been directed to support the local government and local authorities with relief and rescue work, the White House said.

In its situation report, the National Hurricane Center warned of life-threatening storm surges along the coast of South Carolina as well as rain and flooding in the northern neighboring state of North Carolina and in the south of the neighboring state of Virginia. Heading north, “Ian” continued to gain strength as of Thursday, the National Hurricane Center said. As a result, its maximum wind speed recently reached 140 kilometers per hour, which corresponds to category one of five.

Hurricane Ian kills and devastates Florida

Andrea Miosga, ARD Washington, Daily News at 12:00 p.m., September 30, 2022

No exact information on death toll

As a category 4 hurricane, “Ian” made landfall in Florida on Wednesday with wind speeds of up to 240 kilometers per hour. It left destruction and flooding in its wake across the southern state. It weakened to a tropical storm on its way through Florida, but grew back to a force one hurricane over the ocean.

Authorities were reluctant to estimate the number of people who died, but had no doubt that the hurricane had claimed lives. “This could be the deadliest hurricane in Florida history,” Biden said. American broadcaster ABC, citing preliminary figures from local police and sheriff’s offices, reported that there were at least twelve deaths in Florida. Just in the district of Charlotte County on the south west coast of Florida, where the hurricane made landfall, seven people died.

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Never seen a storm surge of this magnitude

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has made it clear that he also expects high numbers of victims in the end. He warned the situation remains dangerous. “We are still experiencing deadly rain, catastrophic storm surges, flooded streets and homes,” he said. “We’ve never seen floods like this, we’ve never seen a storm surge of this magnitude,” DeSantis said at a press conference. In more than 700 cases, people in need were saved.

Among other things, the Coast Guard used helicopters to rescue people from the roofs of houses. More than 2.6 million homes were without power, and more than 350,000 had power restored as of Thursday, the governor said. On Sanibel Island, the bridge connecting it to the mainland was destroyed.

Authorities warned residents of flooded areas about dangers in the water such as pollutants from the sewage system, chemicals – or even alligators. Broken power and gas lines can also cost lives. Helicopter footage showed burning houses among flooded streets or properties from which the buildings had been completely washed away.

Deaths and destruction after Hurricane “Ian” in Florida

Torben Börgers, ARD Washington, night magazine 00:37, 30 September 2022

“It will be disastrous”

“Hurricane Ian is going to be a storm we’ll be talking about for decades to come,” said Deanne Criswell, director of the US Civil Protection Agency. There are many complex problems to be solved when operating in the storm area, and there is still no precise assessment of the damage. “But it would be catastrophic.” Your government is preparing for the fact that thousands of families will not be able to return to their homes and will need temporary accommodation.

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At the beginning of the week, “Ian” caused flooding and damage on the Caribbean island of Cuba.



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