After being diagnosed with covid, a 15-year-old dies on the way to the hospital

Leon.- A adolescent from 15 years I was on my way to IMSS to receive medical care after allegedly giving positive a covid-19 passed away shortly before entering the hospital around 10 in the morning.

According to preliminary information, yesterday the young man found out that he had contracted virus, so your family decided to take it to the clinic 50 of IMSS to consult the discomfort with a specialist.

A few moments from reaching the hospital, the young man suffered a seizure. A witness who was at the scene told The Chair Rota that he less from age was just being placed in a chair from wheels for his family for enter it at facilities of IMSS When did it happen.

“The boy just turned his eyes and his body let go, his relatives at that moment only hugged him and started crying but nothing could be done,” he mentioned.

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He relates that when he began to convulse his family try help him Y contain their movements hugging him. The medical staff came out immediately to give medical carebut he died at the gates of the hospital.

It turned out that the patient also suffered encephalopathy, a term used to define “any disease cerebral that alters the function or structure of the brain“.

Authorities municipal and agents of the Public ministry they came to the place to to clarify the death of less from 15 years from age.



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