After an increase of 73 thousand pounds .. 5 competing cars threaten Hyundai Accent

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Wednesday 22nd June 2022

Hyundai Accent RB

Books – Muhammad Jamal:

The locally assembled Accent RB prices in Egypt increased three times in a month and a half, and the first increase came by 15 thousand pounds at the beginning of last March, and the second by 25 thousand pounds in mid-March, and the third in early April came by 10 thousand pounds, and 10 thousand pounds in the middle of May, then 5 thousand pounds in early June, and 5 to 8 thousand pounds in the middle of this month.

Hyundai Accent RB belongs to the family sedans and works with a four-cylinder engine with a capacity of 1600 cc, a maximum torque of 125 “HP” and a maximum torque of 156 Nm.

Hyundai Accent RB 2023 offers 5 classes of equipment, with an official price starting from 300 thousand pounds for the first category, the second category SR at 310 thousand pounds, the third category DAB at 319 thousand pounds, the fourth category DAB + at 329 thousand pounds, and the fifth category High Line At a price of 339 thousand pounds.

After the large increases imposed on the Hyundai Accent RB, observers expect the car belonging to the Korean manufacturer to face a real danger, especially with cars that fall with it in the same price segment.

On the following pages, you can learn about the competing cars of the Hyundai Accent RB:

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