After an accusation, Julia fires Gaviota and Carmenza

The relationship of Julia de Vallejo (Luces Velásquez) with Gaviota (Laura Londoño) Y Carmenza (Katherine Velez) It has not been the best, and less now that he knows that the young woman is his son’s girlfriend Sebastian (William Levy).

In addition, a Captain arrived at the door of his farm, who informed him that the kidnapping of Mr. Octavio was a plan for someone to take advantage of the situation, in this case Gaviota, who was the person who alerted you to the possible event.

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For Julia, learning about this situation was the last straw, so she made the decision to fire the women from both work and the farm.

For her part, Mrs. Vallejo sent for Carmenza to give her the news, and although she did not give him a further explanation, because according to her she does not have to know everything, all he asked is that they never come near the farm again.

Carmenza was quite disappointed with this information, because she never believed that her work and that of her daughter would end that way and more because of a misunderstanding.

What will happen in the lives of these women? How will they prove their innocence? Find out every night with the new and unmissable chapters of C‘Woman-fragranced coffee’.

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