After a year without being published due to the pandemic, the Pirelli Calendar returns

Canadian musician and photographer Bryan Adams He will get behind the camera to take pictures of the famous Pirelli Calendar for the year 2022. The artist himself announced it through his social networks and there are already high expectations. “I am proud to have been chosen as the photographer for the Pirelli 2022 Calendar. Unite photography and music for ‘The Cal’ it’s very exciting and will undoubtedly involve extraordinary people, ”he explained. “The photo sessions will begin in a few weeks. I’m electrified, ”he added. Adams.

The photographer in his studio, ready to go. (Photo: AFP)

The news implies the return of “The Cal”, the nickname of the famous calendar, after the suspension decided last year due to the coronavirus emergency. In addition to 2021, the calendar had already had suspensions in 1967 and then from 1975 to 1983, during the years of the oil crisis. Last year, instead of publishing, Pirelli decided donate $ 100,000 for coronavirus research.

Bryan Adams He combined his career in the world of rock with his passion for photography, obtaining success with the shots, among others, of artists from the world of music and cinema, and of the protagonists of the world of fashion. Among the immortalized people are Mick Jagger, John Boyega, Amy Winehouse, Naomi Campbell, but also characters from the world of politics and statesmen, even the queen Isabel II, whom Bryan Adams photographed on the occasion of his Golden Jubilee. His portraits also appeared in media such as Vogue, Vanity Fair, GQ Y Harper’s Bazaar, in addition to the magazine dedicated to art “Zoo”.

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Among the publications of her work, there are “American Women” (2004), “Exposed” (2012), the project on British war veterans “Wounded: The Legacy of War” (2014) and “Homeless”, published in 2019.

The Pirelli calendar, an icon of photography and fashion, has been published since 1964 and is famous because its 20,000 copies are not sold, but only They are distributed among relevant clients of the company and personalities.

Naomi on the 2006 Pirelli calendar photographed by Richard Avedon. (Photo: EFE / Richard Avedon).

Over the years, the images of the Pirelli calendar – which went from fully clothed women to suggestive nudes, to then turn towards dressed women without makeup, or leaning towards diversity including male photographs – were marking a kind of picture of the times, becoming icons of the evolution of customs.

Rosalia is one of the celebridades of the Pirelli Calendar. (Photo: Pirelli Calendar by Paolo Roversi / Handout via REUTERS).

Sophia Loren, Penelope Cruz, Naomi Campbell, Nicole Kidman and Rosalía are some of the personalities who have posed for “The Call”. The list of those chosen for 2022 is still secret.

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