To cool the city, linden trees were placed on Linz’s main square. That was a week ago. Now the leaves change color. Are the trees not well?

More yellow than green. This is how the leaves of the linden trees placed in the main square appear on Monday. The trees – 30 in total – have only been in the Upper Austria for a week. State capital, we reported.

Are you feeling similar to the turf of the “Green Oasis”? It also turned yellow (here the article). Not after one, but “only” after five weeks, it still had to be replaced. Instead of natural turf, an artificial turf was laid out on around 25 square meters. Cost: around 30 euros per square meter.

Trees show a stress reaction

But what about the linden trees? Were they injected too little? Or how do you explain that after a few days the trees seem to leave their leaves hanging?

We have the answer: “The trees are linden trees. The trees show a stress reaction, the discoloration of the leaves is a so-called transplant shock. Reason: Ideally, trees are moved in autumn, summer is not the optimal time for it. The trees react to the heat by throwing off some of the leaves so that they lose less water through evaporation, “explains Günter Haderer of the Linz city garden center.

Irrigation cart on the go

On Monday, the employees of the city green and street support division of the city of Linz already brought water with the tank truck to supply the linden trees with water. Does that bring anything? “Not really. You have to wait now, they will recover on their own. It will take time, but don’t worry, they will be back,” said Haderer.

So: all is well!

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