Major General Essam Saad, Governor of Assiut, reassured the health condition of a number of students from some primary schools in Al-Badari and Al-Qusiya centers, who fell ill and were transferred to Al-Badari Central Hospital and Al-Qusiyah Central, directed to provide all health care to them until they recover, announcing the formation of a committee headed by the Secretary-General of the governorate to make a report Comprehensive about the incident, ensuring the safety of school meals that are distributed to school students in coordination with all health and education authorities, and directing the temporary suspension of school meals.

The Governor of Assiut had received a notification from the Crisis and Disaster Management in the governorate stating that he had received a report from the head of the Al-Badari Center for the transfer of about 25 primary school students in “Al-Kom Al-Ahmar, Al-Kadalik, Al-Salam and Arab Mater” schools in a state of fatigue to Al-Badari Central Hospital. They are in good condition, and about 5 cases of fatigue have been reported among the students of Abu Bakr Al-Siddiq Primary School in Al-Qusiya.

Immediately, the governor directed his deputy, Eng. Amr Abdel Aal, and Major General Engineer Shaker Younes, Secretary General of the governorate, to go to the hospital to check on the students’ condition and provide them with all aspects of support and health care in coordination with the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health in the governorate and to check on the condition of the students, and coordinate with the security authorities to edit the necessary records and preserve the School meals and taking samples to ensure their safety, as well as keeping the school meals stores until the end of the examination.

The governor also decided to form an urgent committee headed by the governorate’s Secretary-General to examine and make a comprehensive report on the incident, in addition to examining school meals that are supplied to schools in coordination with all concerned authorities to ensure their safety and compliance with specifications. Until the results of the analysis of school meals from the central laboratories of the Ministry of Health and to ensure their safety and compliance with the specifications in order to preserve the health of our students.

Governor Muhammad Hassan, head of the Badari Center and City, and Howaida Shafi’i, head of the Qusiyah Center and City, also directed the continuous follow-up of the students until they leave and recover and return to their homes, stressing that the cases are released successively from the two hospitals after their improvement and the medical condition of the rest of the cases is being followed up, and he decided to open an investigation into the incident to find out its circumstances.


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