After 24 years and half a million kilometers, father meets kidnapped son

Ua man found his missing son 24 years ago in China. Guo Gangtang’s story moved an entire nation and even became the protagonist of a movie. And this Sunday, it finally had a happy outcome.

Guo Gangtang’s son was kidnapped by human traffickers outside his home in Shandong Province, eastern China, when the child was just two years old.

After the kidnapping, Guo, a 51-year-old farmer, gathered all his savings and traveled across the country on his motorcycle in search of his son. More than 500 people joined the search and searched for the child near their area of ​​residence, but without success.

The father ended up printing a flag with his son’s picture and the message “Where are you my son? Dad will find you!” and toured the country with her.

He became an active member of missing children’s organizations and even helped at least seven parents to be reunited with their children. And this Sunday, it was your turn.

DNA was instrumental in finding Guo in central Henan province and identifying him as Guo Gangtang’s son. After finding Guo Xinzhen, Chinese police arrested two people – a man and a woman – suspected of his kidnapping.

After years of searching, the deputy director of the criminal investigation office at the Ministry of Public Security, Tong Bishan, said the discovery was made after an investigation took them to Honã, where they carried out DNA tests on several people. Among them was the person they were looking for.

Guo’s story has already given rise to the film ‘Lost and Love’ which has as its main actor Andy Lau, a Hong Kong movie star.

Images of the reunion have been widely shared on social media and are proof that there are happy endings.

The young man was found thanks to the ‘Reunion’ campaign that was launched at the end of 2020 and has a DNA base to reunite with their respective families people who disappeared or kidnapped when they were children.

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