The rule of the Taliban regime comes just days after the reopening of private universities in Afghanistan.

Women enrolled in these educational establishments will still have to leave classes five minutes before male students and wait in waiting rooms until they leave the premises, specifies an ordinance dated Saturday published by the Ministry of Higher Education of the Taliban regime. .

Universities are also obliged to “recruit female professors for female students” or to try to recruit “older female professors” whose morality has been examined, the decree says.

When the Islamic movement first came to power, between 1996 and 2001, the one-sex rule prevented almost all women from studying. At the time, it was mandatory to wear the burka, a long veil that completely covers the head and body and has a sort of net covering the eyes.

Abaya is a kind of dress or robe that covers the body, while the niqab is a veil that covers the face, leaving only the eyes uncovered.

Women’s rights is one of the issues that most concerns the international community and the Afghan population since the Taliban regime took power last August 15, as everyone is aware of the brutality imposed by the Islamic movement when it was in power, despite its efforts. that the movement has now demonstrated to show itself more moderate.


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