Affordable housing: How sustainable housing is possible despite high construction costs

Affordable housing:How sustainable housing construction is possible despite high construction costs

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Affordable Housing: Deleted: Das

Deleted: The “House for Munich”, designed by Florian Nagler, promised low rents in a new wooden building in the middle of the city centre.

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Germany needs affordable, sustainable housing that is geared towards the common good. But the rising costs endanger precisely such projects. How can it still work?

By Laura Weissmuller

Less than ten euros rent per square meter – that sounded like an announcement last year that could hardly be kept. After all, the apartments should not be built just anywhere, but in the most expensive city in Germany. In the middle of Munich and then in a new wooden building, i.e. an ecologically sustainable building. This “house for Munich” was still described as a “rental miracle” last summer.

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