AfD: What the Kalbitz expulsion means for the party – politics

Power struggles have always occurred in the AfD. The expulsion of Andreas Kalbitz reflects a core conflict of the party: Do you need the extreme right – or do you have to get rid of it as soon as possible to survive?

There is a photo from 2007 by Andreas Kalbitz, the right wing of the AfD, who is suddenly no longer allowed to be in the AfD. The Munich-born, who led the AfD in Brandenburg and had been a member of the federal executive board for years, has been out since last Friday. The expulsion also has to do with this picture. It shows Kalbitz in short lederhosen and an olive-green T-shirt in a tent camp of the right-wing extremist “Home Youth German Youth”. It looks exactly as you would imagine the participants of a camp of neo-Nazis with morning exercise and “Germanic all-around”, it was a Pentecost meeting of the organization that is forbidden today. When the AfD politician was confronted with this and other images some time ago, he had a bizarre excuse. He was there as a guest, he said, “to take a look at that”.