AfD parliamentary group presents paper for “AfD-led federal government”.

AfD parliamentary group presents paper for “AfD-led federal government”.

High poll numbers AfD presents government emergency program

Status: 09/01/2023 21:12

Buoyed by high poll numbers, the AfD parliamentary group presented an “immediate program for an AfD-led federal government”. The paper essentially contains well-known positions – from a rigid refugee policy to the construction of new nuclear power plants.

The AfD parliamentary group has accused the traffic light coalition of leading the country “to ruin” and presented counter-proposals to current politics. To this end, the parliamentary group presented a three-page paper in Oberhof in Thuringia under the heading “Ten-point immediate program for an AfD-led federal government,” in which they essentially reaffirmed their known positions.

According to party leader Tino Chrupalla, the AfD wants to reduce federal spending “in the areas of migration, climate and development policy”. The party promises lower energy costs, a rigid refugee policy, the processing of the Corona measures and referendums. In addition, she clarifies her negative attitude towards the EU in the strategy paper.

Weidel: Low energy prices thanks to nuclear energy

Party leader Alice Weidel explained that a reduction in energy prices should be achieved by resuming and building new nuclear power plants. The AfD will also collect the “unspeakable ban on oil and gas heating”, as well as the “completely unnecessary ban on combustion engines”. However, such a ban on new cars from 2035 onwards was decided at EU level.

According to the AfD parliamentary group, the CO2 tax on heating oil, natural gas, petrol or diesel is also to be abolished. In addition, the party wants the commuter allowance to be increased to 50 cents from the first kilometer. The “immediate repair and commissioning of Nord Stream” will also be initiated. The gas pipelines Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2, which run under the Baltic Sea, were destroyed by explosions at the end of September 2022.

Further demand for more rigid refugee policy

In order to curb the influx of refugees, the AfD is planning comprehensive border protection. Weidel said that in an AfD-led Germany, migrants “should no longer receive cash benefits.” Instead, there should be “benefits in kind” for them. In addition, her party will “immediately reverse” the naturalization law.

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With the reformed naturalization law, the federal government wants to make Germany more attractive for skilled workers, among other things. At the same time, it should create incentives to gain a better foothold in this country and to settle into the community.

AfD wants to enable “direct democracy”.

Weidel again criticized the federal government’s measures during the corona pandemic and assured that “with the AfD in government” there would never be a vaccination requirement.

Another essential demand of the AfD parliamentary group, to enable direct democracy by means of referendums, is also mentioned in the emergency program.

No government under the AfD in prospect

An AfD-led federal government is currently out of the question. The party was able to increase its poll numbers to currently 22 percent in the ARD Germany trend increase (Bundestag election result 2021: 10.3). In order to be able to govern alone, parties need at least 50 percent or a coalition partner. However, the other parties rule out a coalition with the AfD.

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