Andreas Kalbitz, suspected of right-wing extremism, failed to contest his expulsion from the AfD. The right wing politician must finally leave the AfD. The Federal Arbitration Court confirmed the cancellation of membership in the main proceedings decided by the Federal Executive Board in May, the AfD announced on Saturday. “The verdict was expected if you knew the political majority in the arbitral tribunal. It is not really surprising,” said Kalbitz of the dpa. He had previously announced that he would defend himself against it under civil law. “In terms of content, I think that’s illegal.”

Kalbitz appeared in person at the meeting in Stuttgart. Party leader Jörg Meuthen, who also attended the meeting, was confident after the hearing in the afternoon that the arbitral tribunal would follow the position of the federal executive board: “We are very sure of our legal position.”

The decision of the Federal Arbitration Court of the AfD concludes a process lasting several months over the party affiliation of Andreas Kalbitz. In mid-May, the AfD federal executive board decided with seven to five votes to cancel Andreas Kalbitz’s party membership. He is accused of not disclosing the fact that he joined the party in 2013, saying that he was a member of the neo-Nazi “Home Youth German Youth” (HDJ), which was banned in 2009, and of the “The Republicans” party.

At the time of the party expulsion, Kalbitz was the state and parliamentary group leader in Brandenburg. Despite the cancellation of his party membership, the parliamentary group voted to keep Kalbitz as a member of the AfD parliamentary group. Pending a court decision, however, he should leave the office of group leader.

On June 19, the district court in Berlin ruled that the party exclusion was not valid until the AfD federal arbitration court had ruled. As a result, four days later Kalbitz was re-elected as the AfD parliamentary group leader in the Brandenburg state parliament in order to be excluded from the party again by the AfD’s Federal Arbitration Court – until the decision in the main case has now been made.

The chairman of the parliamentary group Alexander Gauland had criticized Kalbitz’s expulsion as wrong and very dangerous for the party. Co-party leader Tino Chrupalla also rejected the exclusion. Meuthen had repeatedly been confident that the Kalbitz case would not split the party.