AEW DARK # 97 results & report from Jacksonville, Florida, USA from July 13th, 2021 (incl. Video of the complete show)

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All Elite Wrestling DARK #96
Ort: Daily’s Place in Jacksonville, Florida
First broadcast: on July 13, 2021 on Youtube


Today’s commentators Excalibur and Taz welcome us to a new edition of AEW DARK.

1. Match
Singles Match
Matt Hardy won against Jah-C via submission at The Leech.
Match time: 03:58

2. Match
Singles Match
Brian Cage won against Foxx Vinyer via pin after the drill claw.
Match time: 01:52

As usual, there is a little rap from Caster towards his opponents.

3. Match
Tag Team Match
The Acclaimed (Max Caster & Anthony Bowens) won against Derek Pisaturo & Roman Rozell via pin to Rozell by Caster after the mic drop.
Match time: 04:24

4. Match
Singles Match
Diamante won against Harlow O’Hara via submission in a half-straightjacked choke.
Match time: 03:09

5. Match
Singles Match
Ethan Page won against Ryan Mantell via pin after the Ego’s Edge.
Match time: 02:22

6. Match
Singles Match
Big Swole won against Sahara Seven via submission at the Clearwater Cloverleaf.
Match time: 03:00

7. Match
Singles Match
Dante Martin won against RSP via pin after a flip stunner.
Match time: 05:13

8. Match
Tag Team Match
Dark Order (Evil Uno & Stu Grayson w / -1) won against Papadon & Sean Maluta via pin to Papadon by Uno after a running punt kick / piledriver combination.
Match time: 05:21

9. Match
Singles Match
Ryan Nemeth (w / The Wingmen) won against Marcus Kross via pin after a rude awakening.
Match time: 04:00

10. Match
Singles Match
Penelope Ford won against Robyn Renegade via pin after a gutbuster.
Match time: 03:29

Backstage, Matt Hardy explains in a promo that he has already beaten Christian Cage twice in singles matches. At “Fyter Fest” he will complete the hat trick.

11. Match
Singles Match
Frankie Kazarian won against Austin Green (w / The Diamond Sheik) via submission in the Crossface Chicken Wing.
Match time: 03:17

12. Match
Tag Team Match
Lee Johnson & Brock Anderson (w / Arn Anderson & Dustin Rhodes) won against Mark Davidson & Aaron Frye via pin to Frye by Anderson after a spinebuster.
Match time: 04:23

In a small promo, Wheeler Yuta is hyping today’s main event. He will beat Angelico the same way he beat Ryan Nemeth.

13. Match
Singles Match
Julia Hart (w / The Varsity Blonds) won against Madi Wrenkowski via pin after a split legdrop.
Match time: 04:19

14. Match
Singles Match
The Blade (w / Bunny & Matt Hardy) won against Jake Tucker via pin after the Doctor Bomb.
Match time: 01:48

Angelico is interviewed by Dasha backstage. While Angelico gives the impression that he has no information about his opponent Wheeler Yuta, Jack Evans talks about him. So Yuta is an up-and-coming talent who has a tech-savvy style in the ring. Angelico is annoyed and promises that he will break Yuta in half.

15. Match
Tag Team Match
Private Party (Isiah Kassidy & Marq Quen) (w / Matt Hardy) won against Joeasa & Deonn Rusman via pin to Rusman by Kassidy after a double team corkscrew kick.
Match time: 03:27

While Travis Titan is moving in, he is attacked by Powerhouse Hobbs and pounced against the ring fence before Hobbs throws him against the ring post. Then he throws him into the ring.

16. Match
Singles Match
Powerhouse Hobbs won against Travis Titan via pin after a spinebuster.
Match time: 00:10

17. Match
Tag Team Match
Gunn Clubb (Billy Gunn & Colten Gunn) won against Cezar Bononi & JD Drake (w / Peter Avalon) via Pin and Bononi by Colten Gunn after Colt 45.
Match time: 05:50

18. Match
Singles Match
Angelico won against Wheeler Yuta via submission in the Navarro Death Roll.
Match time: 08:04

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