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All Elite Wrestling DARK #96
Ort: Daily’s Place in Jacksonville, Florida
First broadcast: on July 6, 2021 on Youtube


Today’s commentators Excalibur and Taz welcome us to a new edition of AEW DARK. Before the first match, Jake “The Snake” Roberts goes to the commentators.

1. Match
Singles Match
Lance Archer (w / Jake “The Snake” Roberts) won against Ryan Mantell via pin after the Helli-Coaster (Spinning Side Slam).
Match time: 03:04

2. Match
Tag Team Match
The Factory (QT Marshall & Aaron Solow) (w/ Nick Comoroto) gewannen gegen TNT (Terrell Hughes & Terrence Hughes) via Pin an Terrell durch Marshall nach einem Diamond Cutter.
Match time: 05:06

After the match, Terrence Hughes has to take a diamond cutter from QT Marshall.

It’s time for a new edition of the Waiting Room. Dr. Britt Baker greets the audience and introduces Reba. Today she has her “favorite mid-card wrestler” as guests. She welcomes Sonny Kiss and Joey Janela. Janela smears honey around Baker’s mouth because she’s his dentist. Kiss and Janela discussed their problems over the past few weeks. Janela says Alex Marvez could explain his problem, but Marvez isn’t there today because he’s in a strip club. After a while, Janela Kiss will present you with sunglasses with heart-shaped glasses. The two hug and Janela has a nasty grin on her face. Baker wants Janela to do gymnastics against Kiss. He suggests giving Kiss a super kick, but he only leaves it at the hint. Baker and Reba say goodbye and the segment ends.

3. Match
Singles Match
Abadon won against Natalia Markova via pin after a neck breaker.
Match time: 02:18

4. Match
Singles Match
Matt Sydal (w / Mike Sydal) won against Carlie Bravo via pin after the Lightning Spiral.
Match time: 03:43

5. Match
Singles Match
The Blade (w / The Bunny & Matt Hardy) won against Tre Lamar via pin after being hit with a brass knuckle.
– Bunny passed the brass knuckles to The Blade without being noticed.
Match time: 06:23

6. Match
Singles Match
Bear Bronson (w / Bear Boulder) won against Big Trouble Bishop via pin after a sit-down splash.
Match time: 04:26

7. Match
Tag Team Match
Fuego Del Sol & Marko Stunt won against Baron Black & Ryzin via pin to Ryzin through Del Sol after a tornado DDT.
Match time: 05:41

After the match, Sammy Guevara, Griff Garrison, Alan “5” Angels and Dustin Rhodes come to the ring to celebrate Del Sol’s first success after 34 losses.

8. Match
Singles Match
Kris Statlander (w / Orange Cassidy) won against Viva Van via pin after the Big Bang Theroy.
Match time: 03:12

9. Match
Tag Team Match
Varsity Blonds (Brian Pillman Jr. & Griff Garrison) (w / Julia Hart) won against Chad Lennex & Zachariah (w / Dustin Rhodes) via pin to Zachariah by Pillman Jr. after the Air Pillman.
Match time: 04:59

10. Match
Singles Match
Angelico won against Prince Kai via submission in the Navarro Death Roll.
Match time: 03:28

After the match, Angelico celebrates his victory with a dance that goes on until he disturbs Wheeler Yuta at his entrance.

11. Match
Singles Match
Wheeler Yuta won against Ryan Nemeth (w / The Wingmen: Peter Avalon, Cezar Bononi & JD Drake) via pin after a roll-up.
Match time: 02:30

12. Match
Tag Team Match
The Pinnacle (Shawn Spears & Wardlow) won against Hunter Knott & Rosario Grillo via pin to Knott through Spears after the C4.
Match time: 03:35

13. Match
Singles Match
Tay Conti (f / -1) won against KiLynn King via pin after the DDTay.
Match time: 06:48

14. Match
Tag Team Match
Dark Order (Colt Cabana, Alex Reynolds, 10 & Alan “5” Angels) (w / -1) won against Will Allday, Jason Hotch, Chandler Hopkins & Dean Alexander via Pin to Alexander by Angels after a Frog Splash.
Match time: 04:00

15. Match
Singles Match
Jack Evans (w / Matt Hardy & Angelico) vs. Mike Sydal (w / Matt Sydal) via pin after a bridge.
Match time: 04:04

16. Match
Singles Match
Red Velvet won against Ashley Fox via Pin and Chef’s Kiss.
Match time: 03:17

17. Match
Tag Team Match
Penta El Zero Miedo & Eddie Kingston (w / Alex Abrahantes) won against Chaos Project (Serpentico & Luther) via Pin to Serpentico by Penta El Zero Miedo according to the Fear Factor.
Match time: 06:22

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