Aerosmith Pulls Out With 'Peace Out' Farewell Tour: 'I Think It's About Time'

Aerosmith Pulls Out With 'Peace Out' Farewell Tour: 'I Think It's About Time'

“¡Dream on!”, the rock group Aerosmith announced its retirement after 50 years in the music industry, they leave the stage with one last tour.

The band that is part of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame revealed this May 1 a new musical event that will celebrate their 50 years as stars of the musical genre. The tour is named after Peace Out and it will be the event that mark the withdrawal of Aerosmith.

I think it’s about timeIt’s kind of an opportunity to celebrate the 50 years we’ve been here. You never know how much longer everyone will be healthy to do this… It’s been a while since we’ve done a real tour,” Joe Perry (guitarist) explained in an interview with The Associated Press.

Aerosmith is a group that formed in the 1970s who stood out for his singles like ‘Sweet Emotion’, ‘Walk This Way’, ‘Livin’ on the Edge’, among others. The core members were Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, Brad Whitford, Tom Hamilton, and Joey Kramer.

Despite being an Aerosmith reunion, drummer Joey Kramer he made the decision not to be part of the tour to focus on his personal life. In his place will be the musician John Douglas, but in a statement sent to The Associated Press the band assured that “his legendary presence behind the drums will be missed”.

Aerosmith’s new tour is called ‘Peace Out’. (Photo: Instagram / @aerosmith)

When is the Aerosmith farewell tour?

Through a publication on Instagram, the rock band revealed the dates for its last event that it intends to celebrate your most popular hits.

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The tour has around 40 dates and will begin on September 2 in Philadelphia, United States, and will end on January 26 in Montreal, Canada. They also announced that Aerosmith will be accompanied by la banda The Black Crowes in some of his presentations.

Aerosmith performances, apart from their regular tickets, will have different VIP packages for the fans.

As for what to expect on the tour, Steven Tyler He assured that they are prepared to “take all the toys out of the attic.”

Aerosmith was presented in Mexico in 2016. (Photo: Cuartoscuro / Antonio Cruz) (Antonio Cruz)

Will Aerosmith come to Mexico?

The 40 dates of his last tour only include cities in the United States and Canada, for now It has not been reported that Mexico is on the farewell tour.

The last time the rock band performed in Mexican territory, it was in october 2016 with a concert that took place at the Arena Ciudad de México.

“It’s the last farewell tour, but I have a feeling that it will continue for a whilePerry said, “I don’t know how many times we’ll go back to the same cities. It may well be the last time.”

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