Advice for beginners: Buying an e-bike: The best tips and bargains

Guide for beginners
Buying an e-bike: the best tips and bargains

Electric bicycles are in great demand, also because technology is getting better and better. However, buying an e-bike is comparatively expensive. We show what to look for when buying and present e-bike bargains.

E-bikes have had a rapid success story. The bicycles with electric motors make the way easier for cyclists and take over part of the work on long distances and steep climbs, which feels like a tailwind when cycling. However, you not only need time to get used to it, but also prior knowledge. There are many e-bike variants for different needs and some technical features that customers should keep in mind when buying an e-bike.

Buying an e-bike: You should pay attention to these points

  • Battery pack: In order for the e-bike to make pedaling easier, it needs a powerful battery. The greater the number of watt hours, the greater the range. The radius of action is also influenced by the total weight and the support provided.
  • Motor: This also applies to the position of the engine. A mid-engine ensures a pleasantly low center of gravity, while front and rear engines can negatively affect weight distribution and driving behavior.
  • Gear shift: A high-maintenance derailleur system is worthwhile for athletes and mountain bikers, as it puts almost all of the driver’s strength on the track. A gear hub is sufficient for occasional tours and the way to go shopping.
  • Better to ride with a helmet: Even if it is not compulsory, you should also wear a helmet on an e-bike. Falls can occur, especially if drivers are not yet familiar with the handling. Then a bicycle helmet can save lives.
  • Which variant? There are several types of e-bike, the names of which are often confused: Most people mean a pedelec when they talk about an e-bike. The bike’s motor only supports the rider when he is pedaling himself. The drive power is limited and only works up to 25 km / h. However, there is no helmet or driver’s license requirement for the pedelec. The situation is different with S-Pedelecs and E-Bikes, which support the rider at speeds of up to 45 km / h or even perform when you are not pedaling. For these vehicles you need an insurance license plate, a driver’s license and a helmet.

Good e-bikes for different demands

There are now e-bikes for every taste and requirement. We have selected models that cover various needs or are currently much cheaper.

The everyday test winner from Stiftung Warentest

If you want to buy an e-bike, test reports are a good place to go. Last summer, Stiftung Warentest put several e-bikes under the microscope and subjected them to a long-term test. As in the previous year, the testers selected a KTM e-bike, the KTM Macina Tour 510, as the winner with a grade of 1.7. It impressed with its Bosch drive, a 9-speed Deore gearshift, an integrated 500 Wh power motor and its stability with and without luggage.

The successor model from 2021 is in no way inferior to this:

  • Engine: Bosch Performance Line mid-engine
  • Battery: 500 Wh with a maximum range of 140 kilometers
  • Gear shift: Shimano Deore derailleur
  • Weight: approx. 26 kilograms

The e-bike is available with different frames and in different colors and equipment variants.

Exclusively at ntv: E-bikes at the deal price of 999 euros

At the moment, readers get a discount of 300 euros on e-bikes from, including free standard delivery, which corresponds to a further saving of almost 30 euros. The models are reduced Allegro City R (26 and 28 inches) and Allegro Trekking R (28 inch), which currently cost 1,299 euros. All details about the deal here at a glance.

Allegro Trekking R

Whether on dirt roads or on the road, this trekking bike is a reliable and stylish companion. The suspension fork of the Allegro bike absorbs bumps caused by unevenness in the ground, which increases driving comfort and safety. The frame of this bike with rear-wheel electric drive is also made of high-quality aluminum. Other equipment details:

  • Shimano derailleur with six gears and twist grip shifter
  • five different support modes can be selected
  • Range: up to 120 kilometers
  • Weight: approx. 25 kilograms



Allegro Trekking R (28 inch)

999 € 1299 €

to offer

Allegro City R

The sporty city bike is not only suitable for longer trips at the weekend or on vacation, but also for commuting to work. The chain and tires are covered by mudguards so that clothes stay clean on rainy days. Mechanical rim brakes stop the bike reliably and quickly, the frame is made of aluminum. Five different support modes can be selected when driving. Other features:

  • Luggage rack front and rear
  • Shimano derailleur with six gears
  • available in two sizes (26 inches and 28 inches)
  • Range: up to 120 kilometers
  • Weight: approx. 25 kilograms



Allegro City R (26 inches and 28 inches)

999 € 1299 €

to offer

E-folding bike for commuters

An e-folding bike combines the electrical support of an e-bike with the space-saving folding mechanism of a folding bike and is therefore practical for everyone who does not have enough space in their apartment or who want to take their e-bike with them on the train or in the car. The VecoCraft Nemesis is recommended in this category. The removable 36 V battery has a range of at least 60 kilometers.

  • 250-W-Heckmotor
  • Steel frame (20 inches)
  • Weight: approx. 24 kilograms


VecoCraft Nemesis electric folding bike, e-bike 20 inches, e-folding bike, 36V 375WH extendable battery with cells from Samsung, 250W motor, portable e-bike folding bike ebike men e bike women, black

829,00 €

to offer

Conclusion on buying an e-bike

It’s worth paying attention to quality when buying an e-bike. Higher quality components and better motor and battery performance have their price. Before cyclists start pedaling, they should definitely be clear about what they need the e-bike for.


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