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With my heart overflowing with happiness, Adrian Uribe Y Thuany Martins embrace this special moment, become parents to a girl. It has been thanks to the glimpses that the couple has shared on social networks, that their fans have already been able to meet the baby, the first daughter in common of the lovers, who at the same time are very excited about another great event in their lives ; her recent romantic engagement and plans for an upcoming wedding. The truth is that with the birth of the new member of the family the surprises have not stopped, because just a few days after introducing the little girl to all his followers, the comedian and his beloved have revealed new photos of the newborn , which are accompanied by beautiful declarations of love.

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Most excited, Adrián took his camera to capture a beautiful image in which Thuany appears hugging his baby, -which we still do not know his name-, in a new and moving postcard that shows his smiling face, with the eyes closed and completely given over to this new facet that has undoubtedly filled her with total illusion. Of course, the scene caused so much joy in the also actor, that a simple phrase was enough to celebrate this endearing moment. “I love you, @thuanymart”, He wrote at the bottom of the photo, to which he included a heart emoji. “And we love you, a lot”, the Brazilian responded through her stories of Instagram.

And to correspond to the tender gesture that his daughter’s father made, Thuany decided to give another nice surprise, publishing a black and white snapshot of the baby, in which only the girl’s little hands can be seen. To make this moment more emotional, the proud mother decided to set her story to music with the song titled Good love, by Reyli Barba, highlighting a part of the lyrics of the well-known song: “In the destination was that you were for me…”. In the same way, the also model took the opportunity to reiterate the great affection she has for her future husband. “@adrianuribe, I love you”, He commented at the bottom of the image, which has generated endless beautiful reactions through social networks.

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The details of the baby’s birth

It was on October 26 when Adrián Uribe shared details related to the birth of his daughter, showing a photo from the hospital and duly protected, carrying his little girl in his arms. “We want to share with you that this Saturday, October 24, at 7:05 am, our daughter came to this world …”, he said, to later express his total admiration for Thuany. “My love @thuanymart, my respects to you for how brave you were to achieve such a beautiful natural birth without anesthesia. I can only tell you that I admire you for the great woman you are, and I am sure that our daughter will always feel very proud to have a mother like you, “he wrote in Instagram.

Thuany also made the decision to open her heart with the fans, to whom she expressed the great happiness that invades her, at this very special stage of her debut as a mother. “Thank you God for allowing me to bring our daughter into the world, for allowing me to live that magic of humanized childbirth, without anesthesia, without medical intervention. Thank you God for our greatest gift, our blessing! Thanks to you love of my life @adrianuribe for accompanying me, supporting me and being my strength, thank you for being the best partner, friend and dad from minute one, when I said that I couldn’t take it anymore, you said yes … “, he said the beautiful model.

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