Adixia and Simon Castaldi still together? The answer finally revealed

On August 4, a close friend of Simon Castaldi and Adixia finally answered the question that Rest of the World fans are all asking: are they still in a relationship?

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Since the arrival of Simon Castaldi in the Rest of the world on W9, all eyes are on Adixia. Has she forgiven her companion’s deception with Virginie? In the episode of July 21, the son of Benjamin Castaldi is indeed dangerously close to the ex of Nicolo, going so far as to spend the night with her. If the candidate assured that nothing had happened, he outbid risky approaches and even kissed her in front of his comrades. Three days after the start of their secret idyll, Nicolo landed in the house, deploring the behavior of the man he considered his friend. For his part, Simon Castaldi greatly fears the arrival of the one who shares his life in Paris for the rest of the year: Adixia. If many Internet users were ready to bet that she would not wipe out this betrayal, a reality TV candidate proved them wrong.

Simon Castaldi and Adixia back in Belgium as lovers

On August 4, when she had just finished filming the next confinement reality show, The Fifty, Aurélie Dautremont returned to her native Belgium and took the opportunity to debrief her adventure over a small drink. And what could be better than sharing this moment in a story on Instagram? Thus, its 1.5 million subscribers discovered that Adixia, also from Belgiumand Simon Castaldi, were also invited to this little moment of relaxation at BLV Lake. “Simon and Adixia, I’m waiting for you!”, wrote Aurélie Dotremont, filming her cocktail. Enough to confirm that the images broadcast on W9 for a few days have not hindered their story…

“We’ve been together for a year…”

In addition, on July 13, Simon Castaldi gave an interview to the magazine telestar, in which he talks about his love affair with Adixia. The 22-year-old says he is still in a relationship with the Djette: “Yes, we’ve been together for a year…”he replied, also saying that they were still living in their apartment in Belgium. An interview conducted in the middle of summer, while filming the Rest of the world ended in May.


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