Adé unveils a session of “Tout Savoir” recorded Nashville

Crown already has a long career behind her. She is one of the thinking and singing heads of Taxi Therapy, the group that exploded musical genres and marked the chronicles of an unbridled post-adolescence, released three albums and lived seven years of touring festivals culminating in a flamboyant separation at the Zénith de Paris.
Last April, Crown released his very first single Know everything. A mandolin and a hip-hop beat, before a chorus that sweeps away everything in its path, this business card is also an opportunity for Adé to take stock of his life and shoot his confidence. On clearly Americana influences, this terribly addictive musical tale with pegged to the body pop.
She unveils today a live session of this title shot in the heart of Tennessee, in a music studio in Nashville. Crown will be in concert at La Maroquinerie on February 1, 2023!
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