address at half mast, embarrassing defeats against Wolves C and Clippers B, quickly, the resolutions of 2022

Warning, we know that a season does not end in December, and we also know that the Celtics, like others, have had to deal with an endless stream of absences for a few weeks. That is. But the last two games for the Celtics, that’s a big no.

We will not talk here about the first two months of competition, we have already done a lot and that’s not the point, we will not talk about “the sequel” either because our crystal ball is broken, so , this morning, we will only talk about the last two matches of the gang in Ime Udoka, because we saw them, and because we threw up. twice. No, five times. The problem now in Boston? Oh, if there was only one. Already, and this is to be put to the “credit” of the C’s, Jayson Tatum is obviously missing, and hello the puzzle when you have to do without one of the best strikers on the planet, you have to well recognize it. Tatum, Enes Freedom, Dennis Schroder, Marcus Smart, Juancho Hernangomez, Aaron Nesmith or Jabari Parker were also missing last night against the Clippers, it starts to do a lot. Except that this does not excuse turn since we recall for example that the opponent of the evening played without his four best players, at least the most important, so we look at each other in the mirror and we do not look for an excuse thank you best regards the management

Tonight ? Defeat 91-82, but focus, above all, on the address of the Greens, obviously, in front of a floor of the TD Garden stunned in front of such a federal championship of bricks. Some figures are good. 34/101 shooting, we let you calculate the percentage, it’s not too complicated. 4/42 from the parking lot, and a Brian Scalabrine between the bars of laughter and dismay at the microphone. 13/36 shooting for Jaylen Brown, 1/30 3-point for the tragic square Jaylen / Pritchard / Horford / Richardson, when we talk about vomit we are only half joking. In the facts ? We had already seen a team overwhelmed by the ardor of young Wolves boosted, and this night it is a formation Clippers amputated of Paul George, Nico Batum or even Reggie Jackson who left with the keys of the room, fighting with his weapons and using his defense – a sure bet this season – to completely foil the drunken Massachusetts snipers. A third loss in a row for the C’s, the fourth in five games despite beautiful and bitter fights against the Bucks and the Sixers, but a belote / rebelote well cheum for three days which pushes the results of Bean Town to 16-19, far from the initial objective. Little or no creation, with the only human being capable of making everyone play… Marcus Smart is both a compliment for him and a disaster for his team. An interior sector too permissive in defense even if Robert Williams shows – sometimes – his skills. A Jaylen Brown sometimes possessed but less constant than last season, young people who are struggling to explode and who will soon be… more so young than that. The list of current worries in Boston is as long as Jabari Parker’s arms and it’s at least as long as his days in a cast, it promises for the future.

Obviously, see the type of reaction to come, and it will be better to roll up your sleeves because the next challenge for the Celtics is called the Phoenix Suns, not the kind of squad to take pity on a wounded beast. To start again? We will already have to put this damn ball in this damn basket, it seems easy like that but not for everyone apparently.

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