Adamari López demonstrates how to wear a swimsuit after 50

Although he doesn’t usually talk much about his private life, Adamari Lopez gave an interview to Luz García’s “Noches de Luz” program and was asked about how she feels a year after separating from Toni Costa. “I made a decision when I made the decision very conscious that it was something that had to happen, regardless of the external part or the public part. Evidently something was not working and action had to be taken ”she expressed.

Adamari He assured: “I don’t regret the decision I made, but it doesn’t mean that it didn’t hurt either. It was a difficult process. (I wondered) if he was doing something that could affect him (his daughter) but at the same time (he was) being true to what he was feeling was not right. It was a difficult moment and it lasted a while, it was not easy just to make the decision”.



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