Adam Augusto, Ebrard or Sheinbaum? AMLO will support the best positioned in the 2024 survey

“We want a transformationwe no longer want there to be coverednor covered”, exclaimed President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) when referring to those who aspire to the presidential candidacy.

Although he rejected that he uncover the Secretary of the Interior as a presidential candidate, he highlighted the qualities that Claudia Sheinbaumhead of government of Mexico City, Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard and his own Adam Augusto Lopez Hernandez.

“And who am I going to support? The one who comes out better in the poll, the poll formal? ”said López Obrador.

He warned that on the side of the conservative bloc they do not have figures to 2024.

At the facilities of the Tenth Military Police Brigade in Isla Mujeres, Quintana Roo, AMLO affirmed that the Constitution establishes that all Mexicans have the right to vote and be voted for.

“That whoever wants to participate should do so, my advice, not only for one party, but for all, is that now there is the possibility of knowing who is who with the survey apps and there are serious companies and the survey is a reliable method”, he highlighted.

From the support given yesterday by the deputies to the government Secretary where they even shouted “President” at him, López Obrador said that it was an informal poll and that he could conduct another one at the morning conference.

He asked reporters and other conference attendees for their thoughts on the governor’s performance Carlos Joaquin, who smiled at the approach. “That’s where the majority (of support) is,” he said.

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He justified that he asked the legislators if he was a good Secretary of the Interior, “the other does not correspond to me, and the other will be a matter of the puebloIt’s not with me, it’s with the people.”

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“What I can say is that Adán is helping me a lot as secretary of the interior, but it is not only about, if you are thinking about that in Adán, no, I could say that the head of government Claudia Sheinbaum She is top notch, upright, honest, and I could say the same about Marcelo Ebrard”.

“Where I don’t see that there is matter is in the conservative block, well if there is, Loret is cool, ChumelDenisse Dresser, Carmen Aristegui, the wife of former president Calderón (Margarita Zavala), Quadri, who else?, Diego could, help me!, Claudio X González, Alejandro Moreno, what is the name of the PAN leader?, Marko Cortés , and there is another that has also been uncovered, Mauricio Vila, Damián Zepeda.

“But on the progressive side, I see that they are also very good, very good, but in the end it will be the people who will decide, it is not the president, the so-called dedazothat no, no that is over, it is the people, democracy”, he affirmed.

The man from Tabasco recalled that Marcelo Ebrard did not listen to “the song of the sirens”, after he was not favored in a poll to choose the presidential candidate in 2012.

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