Acute childhood hepatitis arrives in Mexico; NL reports first 4 cases – El Financiero

New Lion reports four child patients with acute hepatitis, reported the state Health Secretariat this Thursday. made sure everyone is all stableand they are in continuous monitoring to assess its evolution.

In Nuevo León we have received the report of four patients in our different public and private institutions. Until now all stable. They are children of different ages”, reported the head of State Health, Ana Rosa Marroquín Escamilla.

The official assured that they are currently monitoring the infants to know what is its evolutionbut later the dependency will inform with more complete information.

Until Tuesday, May 3, World Health Organization (OMS) has registered 228 cases of this new disease and three minors have died. The first country to report it was the United Kingdom.

The outbreak has affected 20 countries and Argentina was the first in Latin America. The disease is already found in the United States, Israel, Indonesia, Belgium, France, Spain and Denmark, among others.

The adenovirus 41 is the possible cause of severe childhood hepatitis. They are common pathogens in humans. And they have the capacity to cause diseases in the respiratory tract, eyes, intestine, liver, urinary tract and adenoids or vegetations.

The patients have reported gastrointestinal symptoms previous ones that included abdominal pain, diarrhea y vomiting.

Los common viruses that cause acute viral hepatitis (hepatitis A, B, C, D and E viruses) have not been detected in any of the cases, but adenoviruses have been detected in at least 74 patients.



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