Actress Rebel Wilson is dating girlfriend Ramona Agruma in Italy

Hollywood star Rebel Wilson and fashion designer Ramona Agruma

Love holidays in Bella Italia

Shortly after her outing, star comedian Rebel Wilson shared her love affair with fashion designer Ramona Agruma with her eleven million fans.

Published: 06/21/2022 at 11:53 am

Carefree actress Rebel Wilson (42) turtles in Italy, which she likes to show her more than eleven million social media fans. The Australian shines next to her new love, fashion designer Ramona Agruma (38). They met each other through mutual friends. It’s only been a few days since Wilson made her outing public. “I’ve been looking for a Disney prince for all these years – all I needed was a Disney princess,” she writes about the first photo together. She also posted a rainbow emoji and the hashtag #loveislove – love is love.

In Bella Italia, the couple have a good time, for example on a boat trip or walking hand in hand in a picturesque alley. Wilson feels completely comfortable in her own skin. That was different for a long time. She made her Hollywood career as a chubby comedian. Comedies like “Glam Girls” or “Pitch Perfect” have made her famous.



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