Actress Houria Farghali .. Reveals fiery details about the movie in which she regretted participating throughout her life and wished for death.. You will not believe how she appeared in a hot and indecent scene?

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Actress Houria Farghali revealed her deep remorse for appearing naked in scenes in her films or television.

She also indicated her dissatisfaction with her participation in the series “Ayam”, which is currently shown on the “Shahid” platform.

Houria Farghali said in a press statement, “I regret my role in the movie “Kalmni Shukran”, directed by Khaled Youssef.

The Egyptian actress added, according to what was published by the Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper: “I am also not satisfied with my participation in the movie “Innocence of Raya and Sakina”, which has not yet been shown.”

And about her participation in the series “Ayam”, she said: “After the success of the series “The Witch of the South,” she signed with producer Sadiq Al-Sabah a contract for a series called “Bint from Upper Egypt.”

Then there was a problem that disrupted its implementation, and after I returned to the art scene after my treatment trip, the morning offered me to start the series, which we changed its name to “Ayam”,

And we decided to film it entirely in Lebanon, but unfortunately my return was not as strong, and I am somewhat dissatisfied with the final version in which the work appeared.”

She added, “We were filming in a very hot place in Lebanon, and the neighborhood in which we filmed is the same one that witnessed the filming of the series” Kings of Jadana “in the last Ramadan season,

I am also not satisfied with the mini-advertisement that was shown on the Shahid platform “before the main presentation of the work, because I signed with the company to be the main heroine of the work, and not for the work to be a collective championship.

She indicated that: “The arrangement of the names according to the titers was contrary to my agreement with them, and I felt in general that there was favoritism from the producing company to others at my expense,

I wished that my return would be stronger than that, although I made a great effort in the character of “Rabab”, which I added to her features that were not included in the script, such as her wit, for example.

Regarding the period during which she was absent from the screen and the audience, Farghali said, “I wished for death during that period, especially since I did not leave my home and consider it the worst in my life;

Because my appearance was distorted because of my nose and I hated myself, and I deliberately covered all the mirrors in my house so that I would not see myself in them, and I lost my sense of smell and taste.”



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