Activision Blizzard has patented a project to create unique soundtracks in games

The patent office is often the prelude to the implementation of hundreds of innovative ideas that revolutionize the way we think about video games. This time it was a contribution from Activision Blizzard which describes a more than feasible idea: a system based on Artificial Intelligence to generate an exclusive soundtrack for each player.

The project is titled “Systems and methods for generating music dynamically and modularly based on video game events, player profiles or user responses”. The patent was registered with the US Intellectual Property Office earlier this year.

The file explains how this new system will be applied: each game will have a database that collects, processes and reproduces data that identifies the play patterns of each consumer. Based on these results, an evaluation what type of musical composition will best suit the user’s style.

“The patent describes the methods and systems that would be implemented for generating dynamic music tracks to play on each customer’s devices in a multiplayer video game network. The data of the players and different events will be classified into two or more profiles. The music track will be generated from humor that can be identified based on two or more event profiles and one of two or more player profiles; in this way it will be possible to modulate a track or more musical elements from an audio segment classified under that pattern”, explains the summary of the idea.

In this way, every musical experience will be linked to the behavior of the users within the game and they will constantly change depending on factors that will range from skill level, how well they do in a match, and even what style they have to tackle each challenge.

Activision Blizzard patent
Activision Blizzard patent

Although the patent describes a revolutionary way to conceive the creation of music and soundtracks in interactive experiences, these types of ideas are often registered to allow free experimentation by companies without fear of another competitor continuing the project. However, this is not a guarantee that it can eventually be developed.

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