According to National Geographic, this is the town in Spain that you should visit in May

According to National Geographic, this is the town in Spain that you should visit in May

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It is in the province of Córdoba, it has many places of tourist interest and, in addition, it is surrounded by fields, trails and a large lake where you can practice sports. What else do you want?

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like every month National Geographic discover us which town is the most suitable to visit. In May, he recommends us travel to Iznájara town located in the province of Cordoba. One of its attractions is precisely where it is located, since it is on a hill overlooking the Iznájar reservoir, the largest lake in Andalusia.

This town, which barely exceeds 4,000 inhabitants, has a long history dating back to Roman times. During the Middle Ages, Iznájar was an important center of commerce and agriculture. Currently, it is a popular place for tourists who seek to enjoy nature and Andalusian culture.

In addition to the places of tourist interest, which we detail below, Iznájar It is also known for its gastronomy, in particular for its olives and olive oil, which have been produced in the area for centuries. Visitors can sample local produce in the town’s bars and restaurants.

The castle of Iznájar

One of the places that you have to visit for sure is the castle of Iznájar.


tourist attractions

Among the most outstanding sites that can be visited are:

  1. Iznájar Castle: This castle dates from the 8th century and is located in the upper part of the town. It was built by the Muslims and was later rebuilt and expanded by the Christians. From the castle you can enjoy panoramic views of the town and the reservoir.

  2. Church of Santiago Apostle: This church dates from the 15th century and is one of the most outstanding buildings in the town. It is in the Gothic-Mudejar style and has a three-section bell tower. Inside you can see various works of art, including a baroque-style main altarpiece.

  3. Viewpoint of the Hill of the Villa: The viewpoint is located on top of a hill and offers spectacular views of the reservoir and the town. It is an ideal place to take photos and enjoy the scenery.

  4. Walk of the Constitution: It is a pedestrian promenade that runs along the shore of the reservoir. It is a very popular place among tourists and locals as it offers incredible views of the water and the surrounding mountains.

  5. Hermitage of the Antigua: It is located on top of a hill and dates from the 17th century. It is in the Baroque style and has a very ornate main altar. From the hermitage you can enjoy panoramic views of the reservoir and the town.

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But, without a doubt, the town is known for the production of high-quality ceramic pots, which are made by hand using traditional techniques passed down from generation to generation. Local potters work the clay to shape the pots, which are then fired in wood-fired kilns for a unique texture and color.

Iznájar pots are characterized by their dark red color and their traditional shape, with a wide base and a narrow mouth. They are strong and durable, and they are painted in colors to give them the aesthetic value they have and that can be seen walking through the town. As for example by the Patio de las Comedias, full of blue pots.

Patio de las comedias, from the Cordoba town of Iznájar

Among its great attractions, Iznájar stands out for its blue pots that you can see in many of its streets, such as in the Patio de las comedias.


Ideal for hiking

The landscapes that surround Iznájar are spectacular. The area is located in the middle of the mountains and has numerous mountains and valleys, as well as the aforementioned Iznájar reservoir. Whoever travels to this small town in Cordoba will be able to enjoy the mountainous landscapes with beautiful panoramic views, hiking trails, and a great variety of native fauna and flora. It is also possible to practice water sports in the reservoir, such as canoeing, windsurfing or fishing.

In addition, as we have already mentioned, the area is very rich in olive groves, because it is one of the main olive oil production areas in Spain. So you can also enjoy a landscape dotted with olive trees with their characteristic silver color that changes tones depending on the time of year. How will they be in May?

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