Our Japanese colleagues at Game Watch recently interviewed the Final Fantasy XIVProducers Naoki Yoshida released, mainly talking about whether the MMO could come on Xbox consoles. It looks like it is Final Fantasy XIV on Xbox One and Xbox Series X no dream.

The Game Watch journalist mentioned for the first time that he already had the opportunity to meet Phil Spencer in November 2019. This was probably on the occasion of X019, where several Final Fantasy games were announced for the Xbox Game Pass. Phil Spencer then said to Game Watch, “I spoke to Mr. Yoshida and we are going to bring FFXIV to Xbox.” Game Watch asked Yoshida how these discussions are going now. Here is his answer:

Naoki Yoshida: “We stayed in touch. I talked to Mr. Phil a lot for about three and a half years. Mr. Phil visits Square Enix about every six months and we also email each other. When we first talked about it, the cross-platform Xbox policy was still very limited. “Include users” was still the basic policy. But we both shared the idea that “consoles are just a means to an end. The most important thing is how the community grows and what the community wants ”. This was the trigger for our extensive dialogue. Since then we have been talking regularly. Mr. Phil has also changed various Xbox regulations to make FFXIV a reality. When Mr. Phil told you we were in contact and that he would like to welcome us, that’s true. FFXIV currently uses Direct X 11 as a base. Even if we continue to develop on the PC, we will have to provide Direct X 12 support at some point. He told me that he would also help and support us in this. If we have new information soon, we will of course report about it. “

Subsequently, he added:

Naoki Yoshida: “Of course we are also grateful to YOU ​​(Sony Interactive Entertainment), who helped us with the old FFXIV and the PS3 version and continue to support us. Either of our partners is very important to us. I want to expand our business in the future without doing anything rude to any of them. ”

Final Fantasy XIV is a pretty good game and is still going pretty well 7 years after its (new) start.