According to a doctor, Covid-19 is the largest farce in history treatable with vitamins. We are not!

Among the verification requests received by Open we find that of the article published by the site DatabaseItalia entitled “Dott. Massimo Citro: “Covid is the biggest farce in history. I’ll explain what to do “». Inside there is a video interview with the doctor in which he explains his theories on Covid-19. The introduction is an exposition of trivial claims about the disease, which no one has ever denied, although the dynamics of asymptomatic and severe forms have been communicated in a confusing way at times, there are not many doubts that it is not a disease comparable to the flu, contrary to what Citro seems to claim. In this article we analyze the main statements regarding the alleged “treatments censored from above”, concluding with a biography of the doctor.

Food intolerances and vitamins

According to Citro, the virus would seriously affect those who are “intoxicated”, for food intolerances that they have never noticed, so the first thing would be to tell people “take a diet”.

Also according to the doctor, there are also substances that “prevent” the virus, such as “vitamin C”, not least the “vitamin D3” to be associated with vitamin K2 “for various reasons”.

They are theses that we had already abundantly analyzed, showing how neither vitamin C nor D (least associated with vitamin K) have shown, in controlled clinical studies, to have any relevant antiviral function in the treatment of Covid-19. We refer you to our previous articles to learn more.

High doses of melatonin against the cytokine storm

Against the cytokine storm there would also be “melatonin in high doses”. Citro cites a 1990s study of theMario Negri Institute of Milan, based on mice.

Citro cites a work of about 30 years ago on mice, not even a Phase I / II test (therefore on large groups of people, with clinical tests that take placebo into account), and does not provide other references regarding more recent and advanced studies , which link melatonin to Coronaviruses and cytokines.

It is not clear today why the autoimmune mechanism of the cytokine storm triggers in certain individuals, but we had analyzed several studies – very recent – on how to deal with it.

Zinc and RNA polymerase

Zinc would also be essential, because it would be able to block RNA polymerase, it has been used as an “adjuvant” in therapies against HIV. Different pharmacological strategies are based on the mechanism that allows the virus to replicate itself through the enzyme RNA polymerase, such as Remdesivir, or the combination of lopinavir / ritonavir drugs, used in the treatment of HIV infection.

There are several competing drug strategies, but no competing pharmaceutical company seems to want to make money by using zinc as its exclusive active ingredient. Citro speaks of it as an adjuvant; means that alone it cannot replace the actual active substance.

Strong powers against hydroxychloroquine and alternative medicines

Finally, Citro relaunches hydroxychloroquine (derivative of chloroquine), which according to him would have demonstrated effective antiviral properties against SARS-CoV2. Why don’t they tell us? Citro speculates that it is ignorance, or a specific intention not to let us know, citing the article by The Lancet on chloroquine then reprocessed.

However, it speaks of a “LancetGate”, in short, the strong powers would have given us a hand, influencing the same mechanism of the peer review. Citro then goes on to speak of a “system”, which he believes should be reported to the judiciary, so that it does not divulge this kind of “knowledge”.

It seems that the doctor has a problem with peer review, that which should not allow pseudo-sciences to find support in quality scientific literature. Occasionally it can happen, by mistake. But the review continues in a certain sense even after publication, because all the scientists of the world can repeat the experiments, and discover any flaws.

We saw this with the scam article by Andrew Wakefield, which linked vaccines to autism; with an article by Scientific Reports, on the alleged curative effects of homeopathy; and the aforementioned article by The Lancet on chloroquine: all retracted. Added to this is an ocean made of predatory magazines (which publish for a fee, without checking the articles), and bad revisions due to the phenomenon of publish or perish, less difficult to identify. Thus the scientific community defends itself, keeping charlatans out of the door.

Who is Massimo Citro

Citro and its Institute jump into the media spotlight in 2017, when it promotes a course of “Schola Artis Medicinae” (also called Humanistic Medicine) together with other personalities. For the modest sum of 1800 euros, the recent medical graduate, or the neophyte, will be able to deepen concepts such as “living in health and in psychophysical balance according to the principles of Humanism”. Several known practices in alternative medicines will help:

“In light of the foundations of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Homeopathy-Homotoxicology, all human physiopathology will be revisited for an intelligent reinterpretation of symptoms and for a Medicine that searches for the causes of diseases, with a correct diagnosis that is not limited to the description of the symptom and with the most natural therapy possible “.

It is also interesting to take a look at the subjects proposed, such as “water physics” and obviously the “quantum”. We are talking about a concentrate of disciplines which, with what emerges from the scientific community, have no connection with the concept of effective treatment.

Citro seems to be a multifaceted character, for example we see him giving lessons on the “memory of water” in the guise of Templar Knight. The source is the Gazzetta del VEOSPSS, the association of the Templar Order in Italy.

VEOSPSS | Massimo Citro as Templar Knight.

The «Frequent Pharmacological Transfer»

DatabaseItalia describes Massimo Citro as the “discoverer of the TFF”, but what is it about? On the Istituto Sorti website we find the definition of Frequent Pharmacological Transfer (TFF): this would be the possibility of “transferring the pharmacological properties of many substances to a living system through electronic circuits. Instead of administering the drug, its information is transmitted to the cells, which react to these frequencies as in the presence of the drug. In this way it can be treated without having to take the medicine thus avoiding any toxic effect due to the molecules ».

What would be the evidence of its functioning? “There are hundreds of clinical cases – explains the Institute – successfully treated with TFF of different antibiotics, NSAIDs, steroids, antihistamines, benzodiazepines, thyroxine, nicotine, dopamine, estrogens, progestogens, heroin (six cases of drug addiction in the course of cessation: 100% response with cessation of deficiency symptoms with a physiological IV fl of TFF of heroin) and others “.

A note is attached to this statement, which does not lead to a scientific article, but to a book by Citri himself: «Citro, M., TFF: an electronic alchemy. Theoretical bases and preliminary data, Empedocles (IPSA Ed.), Year X, 2/3, pp.39-44, 1992 “. At the moment there are no scientific peer review studies that demonstrate the validity of the TFF.

The course also speaks of “memory of water”, a principle of homeopathy which is without foundation. There is also talk of the “role of the psyche in the genesis of pathology and in healing”, concepts that remind us of the deceased, convicted and convicted criminal doctor, Ryke Geerd Hamer and his New Germanic medicine.

From homeopathy to Hamer and Simonton methods in the treatment of cancer

It is no coincidence that Citro has been called “follower of Hamer”, who is also mentioned in the presentation document of the course, together with the equally deceased Simonton, in the section dedicated to “intelligent medicine”. Carl Simonton’s method, similarly to that of Hamer, deals with “psychosomatics in the treatment of tumors”. A rather dangerous pseudo-science.

Excerpt from the Citro course program.

Let’s read what the medical debunker Stephen Barrett reports about it Quackwatch, just to get an idea of ​​what psychosomatics understood by Hamer and Simonton could be:

“OR. Carl Simonton, MD, said that tumors can be influenced by relaxation and visualization techniques. He said that this approach can reduce fears and tensions, strengthen the patient’s will to live, increase optimism and alter the course of a malignancy by strengthening the immune system. However, he never published the results of a well-designed study to test his ideas. Simonton theorized that the brain can stimulate the endocrine glands to inspire the immune system to attack cancer cells. He and his wife Stephanie (psychotherapist) taught cancer patients to imagine that their cancer was destroyed by their white blood cells. However, there is no evidence that white blood cells actually attack cancer cells in this way or that “immune suppression” is a factor in the development of common cancers. “ is working with the CoronaVirusFacts/DatosCoronaVirus Alliance, a coalition of more than 100 fact-checkers who are fighting misinformation related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Learn more about the alliance here (in English).

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