Accident in Manisa: There are many injured!

Accident in Manisa: There are many injured!

M.Ş., who was traveling in the direction of Manisa, in Saruhanlı district of Manisa. 45 AIZ 969 plate van under the direction of the company collided with the 35 BFV 534 plate excavation truck under the direction of UA, coming from the opposite direction at Boğazhan location.


The swung truck hit the midibus carrying the factory workers with license plate 45 J 4330 under the direction of YA, which was advancing in the side lane. The midibus and truck, which went off the road due to the impact of the collision, could stop in the grassy area by the roadside.

12 people in the vehicles were injured in the accident. Upon the notification, a large number of health, fire, police and gendarmerie teams were sent to the accident site.

The injured were taken to nearby hospitals by ambulances.

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