Accident in Bielefeld: child dragged along by car and seriously injured

Bielefeld. The police and rescue workers moved to Bielefeld’s Kurt-Schumacher-Straße on Wednesday evening because of a serious accident. A child was hit by a Renault panel van and dragged along. The six-year-old girl sustained serious injuries.

According to the police, the collision occurred in the evening around 8 p.m. “At that time, the girl was playing on the sidewalks and driveways between several apartment buildings on Kurt-Schumacher-Strasse.”

Girl gets under the bumper

A 68-year-old from Steinhagen, according to the findings of the emergency services, intended to leave the premises with his Renault via a driveway when the child, from the driver’s point of view, coming from the right, drove from a sidewalk onto the driveway.

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There it came to the momentous collision. The child got under the right-hand bumper of the vehicle and was dragged along for several meters, the police said. “The child was seriously injured after receiving on-site medical care and taken to a city hospital by ambulance.”

The little patient’s condition is stable

Update, 3 p.m.: “But there was no danger to life,” emphasized police spokesman Dirk Trümper on Thursday. However, the girl is still in the hospital. The little patient’s condition is stable.

Witnesses had testified that the Renault was slowly driving on the driveway. Why the driver dragged the child several meters with his van is now part of the further investigation, so Trümper. Accordingly, witness interviews would now also take place and material evidence would be evaluated.

The bike was wedged under the vehicle

Since the bike had become wedged under the Renault, the emergency services had to commission a towing service to separate the two vehicles. Only with technical help was it possible to get the bike free.

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